From Finland to Ironwood, Michigan

Kivi Family c. 1899 Ironwood, Michigan

John, mother Sanna “Lizzie”, sister Emilia, brother Michael, brother Matthew, Sarafina, Jenney, Rose

Tuomas Henriksson Heikinpa SKINNAR/KINNARI b: 1821
Sanna Liisa "Lizzie" Mikintytar HIETANEN-SKINNARI (KIVI) b: 1838 (2nd wife)
1. Michael Arvid (Mikki/Mickel) KIVI b: 1864
+Sarafina LIUKKU-KIVI b: 1858
Rose Impe KIVI b: 1889
Jenney KIVI b: 1898
2. Jaakko Jaakko Thomasson (Jakob) THOMPSON b: 1866
3. Wendla Wendla Thomasson (Vendela) KIVI HARJUNPAA b: 1870
4. Matthew (Matti/Mathias) KIVI b: 1873
5. Emilia "Emma" KIVI LAKKALA b: 1876
6. John Oscar (Johan Oskari) KIVI b: 1878
7. Lena Greta KIVI b: 1880

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Kivi Relatives c. 1938 Erwin Township School
Kivi Relatives c. 1938 - A bigger reunion photo to help identify family members

From Finland to Ironwood, Michigan

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KIVI, LUOMA, HELGREN, KALLIO families from Finland to Ironwood, Michigan
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