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Web Design Houston On Common Mistakes While Designing Websites

Website is an electronic brochure for your business. Websites reflect your business style and reputation. One must ensure that their websites are designed by professionals like Web design Houston. Mistakes in website creation and website design can ruin your business. Here are some common website designing mistakes that can be avoided.

1.    Plagiarized web content:  plagiarism is not appreciated by anyone. If the website host is using plagiarized content without giving due credit to the writer then he may termed as unethical businessman and nobody would want to conduct business with such people. Houston internet marketing and social media marketing offer content writing and content management services at affordable prices

2.    No proof reading: if your website is full of spelling mistakes and typo errors you will leave a bad impression on the reader. Many customers would think that if this person cannot communicate without any mistakes then how this person can conduct error free business. Web design Houston recommends getting your content proof read multiple times to avoid mistakes.

3.    No testing: it is important that you test your website on different browsers. Many a times HTML codes work differently on different browsers making the website appear disorganized, so it is important to test the website.

4.    Over tagging: Meta tagging is important to increase the visibility of your website, however going overboard is only going to create mess. Excessive use of keywords will result in tagging the site as spam site

5.    Incorrect color palette: Web design Houston recommends using softer colors for your website. Do not over indulge in color play as it make your website look gaudy

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