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Since the end of 1995 we run Siemens MAGNETOM Open 0.2T scanner (and MAGNETOM Concerto 0.2T since 2005) and this page is devoted to the 3D reconstruction of low-field magnetic resonance imaging data using a personal computer and Windows software.

Site contents:

Page 1 - volume visualization and image postprocessing examples

Page 2 - sample stacks of MRI tomograms suitable for three-dimensional reconstruction

Page 3 - Curriculum Vitae

Page 4 - some selected papers (PDF) and full list of publications (Doc)

This site has been kindly listed at:
- Swissradiology.com (thanks to Dr Pierre Bénédict, FMH radiologist at Clinique Montchoisi)
- Greg Brown's (senior radiographer at Royal Adelaide hospital, Australia) collection of MRI web-based resources
- Belarussian Radiological Journal News of Beam Diagnostics Belarus (in Russian, thanks to Dr Serguey Khoruzhik)
- AuntMinnie.com "Radiology Starts Here!" (thanks to Brian Casey, editor in chief)

Serge Moschnegootz

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