Welcome my Web Familiez and Friendz,

this page iz dedicated to you and yourz, without you I would of never been

motivated to become more, or enhance my web building skillz. I feel

God led me to each of these groupz... or in some casez...

You to me.!!

Your love and support haz been greatly appreciated az well

az inspiring. I must share with you that in July of 2001

I began to pray a prayer... it waz given to me the day I

was informed my step son had been involved in a fatal

motorcycle crash that took hiz life. It iz Scriptual, but waz

given to me by my dear friend in the form of a little book...

called "The Prayer of Jabez" by Bruce Wilkinson.

Immediatly I began to pray it... and Immediatly my life

began to change. I would like to share it with you... in great

hopez that it will begin to work in your life az well.

It goez like this.. very short but very Powerful...

Oh Lord... Blezz me Indeed!

And enlarge my territory.

May your hand be with me and guide me

and keep me from all evil,

So that I may cauze no pain.

Soundz simple? It iz... but a most awesome and life

changing prayer. Say it everyday with conviction... don't be

afraid to ASK God... to Bless YOU!!!

(we alwayz pray and ask blessingz for otherz... do thiz for

yourself Everyday!) ASK God to make You MORE

*enlarging your territory*

Depend on Him to lead you and keep you from evil.

Thiz iz a great prayer covering for your family.

Teach it to your babiez... az it iz so much more powerful

than now I lay me down to sleep. *and az simple!*

Pleaze feel free to email me your testimoniez about how

thiz prayer changed your life!

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