I am a thief....

I steal, and for the right price, I kill....

I am in the shadow
behind you....

              The last face you see before you
die. The blackness in the veins of society.

Thieves and Assassins
Val Pendragon
Keeper of these sacred pages:
Are you a thief? Come then. we do not judge here. The message board is here to post your latest exploits, jobs, or to advertise to possible "employers"
You are Thief  number:
Thief Board
Weapon Construction
Being a Rogue In the Realms of SAVAGE

I dwell in the darkness of the heart....

                             I have no dealings with either good, nor evil....

                               only         gold

do not try to find me. do not try to see me. lest you wish death upon yourself.........and                                                                                                                               your kin....
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There are many More resources on the Web to help you with Being a Thief, and with any LARP. I have found a few that are really worth looking into. Tell me what you think.
Rogue Rules
Being a Rogue  is more than just stealing. Any mindless fighter can can steal, it is a Rogue, who does it right. To be a Rogue is to be a shadow, to breath darkness.....

But to walk among the world and not be seen you must have training. Here you will find ways to learn how to be a better Rogue. But I can only teach you so much, its up to you to move your station in life higher than a street urchan. It is up to you to earn your place among the anciants...
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