Length 306'

Beam 37"

Draft 12' 7"

Speed 23.6 kts

2 12,000 HP Elec. Motors. 2 G.E. Turbine Generators. 2 Combustion Eng. DR Boilers

Range 6,000 Nautical miles

Crew 12 Officers 150 Enlisted.

Navy Cross

"An action by Congress on Aug. 1942 would place the Navy Cross just beneath the Medal of Honor, and limit its award to combat only recognition".


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"More than one-hundred-fifty Buckley-class Destroyer Escorts were constructed during World War II, making it the most numerous of all DE classes. They served with four different Navies during the war, fought on the Atlantic and Pacific, some saw service in Korea, and in the post-war years individual vessels ended up in the possession of Chile, Taiwan, Ecuador, Mexico, Columbia, and other nations."



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USS Cook APD 130
Photo supplied by Don Scott, YNCS(SS), USN, Ret

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"Andrew Fred Cook Jr., born 2 January 1920 In Alpoca, W. Va., enlisted in the United States Marine Corps 15 September 1938, saw service at Parris Island, Quantico, Guantanamo and New River. Serving in the field from 10 May 1942, he was promoted to second lieutenant 14 July 1942. He was killed in action on Guadalcanal 4 November 1942, receiving the Navy Cross for gallantry and self sacrifice in the action in which he have his life.

Dallas Harry Cook, his brother, was born 19 May 1921 in Robinette, W. Va., and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps 14 August 1940. After service at Quantico, Guantanamo, and Puerto Rico, he served in the field from 14 February 1942. He was promoted to sergeant 21 May 1942 and was killed in action in the raid on Makin Island 18 August 1942. He was awarded the Navy Cross for the action in which he gave his life with great personal valor."


Source: Dictionary of American Fighting Ships Chief of Naval Operations *


"APDs were intended to deliver small units such as UDT teams (later SEAL Teams), Marine Recon and Army Ranger units onto hostile shores. They could carry up to a company size unit. They were also capable of standing off shore and providing gunfire support as needed. The earliest High-speed Transports were World War I vintage flush-deck destroyers. These ships had two boilers and their stacks along with all of their torpedo tubes removed during conversion to APDs. These were replaced by four landing craft (LCP(L)s, their handling machinery and troop stowage and quarters. Because of the kamikaze threat being encountered, the Cook was relatively well armed; a 5"/38 replacing her original 3"/50s, and Bofors twin 40 MM forward with twin 40 MM Bofors antiaircraft guns aft. To compliment these additions two depth charge K-Gun Cannons and a single depth charge stern rack were fitted. The later APDs, such as the Cook, were newly constructed DEs. These ships were converted to High-speed Transports by increasing troop berthing and equipment storage amidships, adding four LCVPs and a boom crane aft. All APDs in the Navy inventory on 1 January 1969 were redesignated (LPR)."



"Crosley Class High-speed Transport: Laid down, 7 May 1944 as (DE-714), a Rudderow Class Destroyer Escort at Defoe Shipbuilding Co., Bay City MI.; Launched, 26 August 1944; Redesignated a Crosley Class High-speed Transport while under construction; Commissioned , 25 April 1945; Decommissioned, 31 May 1946 at San Diego CA; Laid up in the Pacific Reserve Fleet, San Diego Group; Recommissioned, 6 October 1953; Decommissioned, (date unknown).

The Cook was constructed upside down in a method called "a rollover".  See the Defoe linke for photos and information.

Struck from the Naval Register, 15 November 1969; Final Disposition, sold for scrapping, 24 July 1970, to National Metal & Steel Corp., Terminal Island, CA."



Local Time


61-62' WestPac Cruise Book Online

 63' WestPac Cruise Book On-line

Welcome Aboard

Capt'n - CDR George W. Ducharme USN (Ret)

Ships History 

1944 to 1963 History commissioned by Captain Jack R. Griffin Click Here

Ships History with web links HERE

Boats 4 LCVP landing craft
later with MKV and LCPR

Armament 1 5"/38 dual purpose gun

3 twin 40 mm gun mounts

2 depth charge tracks. MK9-14 charges.

2 K-Gun Depth Charge cannons MK6 Mod 1

Storage, Ammunition 6,000 cu. ft.

USS Cook On-Line Message board at Yahoo

Boatswains Mate piping the 1MC

Affiliated Ships Links

USS Weiss APD 135

USS Mt McKinley Assn.


"Toward the end of World War II, it was evident there were more U.S. Destroyer Escorts coming to completion than were needed for the lessened antisubmarine effort. Cancellations for nearly completed DE's were looming, so the Vice Chief of Naval Operations looked into other rolls for the perky hulled DE. In March of 1944 it was decided to convert DE's into High Speed Transports (APD's). Admiral King approved fifty Buckley class (TE) conversions, (APD 37- 86). Also, fifty Rudderow class (TEV), (APD 87-139), were approved"


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