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Buttons that are both functional and decorative have been developed for centuries.Buttons have been made from many materials including wood, metal, glass, pottery and more recently plastics.Our production of hand carved buttons began over 45 years ago and todays production is very different.

We designed our own hand carved buttons to blend and compliment the Irish tweeds and other European wool fabrics that would eventually be fashioned into ladies garments by some of the worlds leading couture houses.

The buttons were principally made from Casein, an unusual plastic since it is made from a by- product of cows- milk. We also used the more modern acetate plastic because it allowed us to develop a different appearance in texture.

The carved buttons were designed and worked with specifically shaped tools that were hand made from Tungsten and Silver steels. Many of the Casein buttons started from the natural cream colour that were firstly shaped and then hand carved before polishing. The buttons were then dyed and shaded several times to give the special tones and colour to match the various fabrics used by the manufacturers.

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