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GreatGrandfather Hugh Potts, Sr.
Grandfather Hugh Potts, Jr., Hannah, Elizabeth, GreatGrandmother Jane

Potts Family


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1. Hugh McClelland Potts, born March 16, 1865 at Ballybay, Co., Monaghan, Ireland, .m..March 9, 1893, Jane Branyan (see Branyan, II.) , born November 26, 1869. He came to America at age 14. He died on April 1, 1943. His wife Jane, died at Philadelphia, Penna., on March 12, 1912. Jane and Hannah died in Phila. during an epidemic. Hugh and Jane had 4 children;
2.I. Hugh McClellan Potts, Jr. b .Jan. 19, 1894.
3.II. Hannah May Potts born October 10, 1895 died 7 August 1915
4.III. Elizabeth Jeanett Potts born May 16, 1897. She married J. Warren
Hatton on September 13, 1922. He was born 23 October 1898 in Guthrieville, Penna. He died in September 1972. Elizabeth died in June 1988
5.IV. Emma Neely Potts born on October 12, 1908 in Phila., Penna.

4 Generations, June 1947
Lillian (Hankele) Potts, Ruth (Potts) Perry, Peggyanne
Emma Hankele, and me.

2. Hugh McClellan Potts, Jr. m. March 27, 1917, Lillian Margaret Hankele (see.Gauers, 116.; VanScoten, 2700.II.). Hugh went to work for Wanamakers Department store in Phila. at the age of 14. At 16 he started working for the Reading Railroad. He worked there until he retired. His various jobs included scheduling the docking of ships at the Phila. docks and he was in payroll accounting when he left. Lillian died on September 28, 1978. Hugh died on February 16, 1979 in Orlando. FL.
They had four children.
6.I.,II. Twins Ruth Emma Potts and Naomi Jane Potts born January 3. Naomi died January 13, 1918.
7.III. Doris Elizabeth Potts b. March 22 at Audubon, New Jersey.
8.IV. Donald Eugene Potts born Dec. 19 at Audubon, New Jersey.

MARCH 1967.
Donald , Doris (Fish), Ruth (Perry), Lillian (Hankele) Potts, Hugh Potts Jr.

5. Emma Neely Potts, married William Elwood Roth on September 17, 1930. He was born January 14, 1908 in Phila., Penna. She died May 3, 1973. They had two children
9.I. Ronald Allen Roth born October 22.
10.II. Garry Wayne Roth born 17 September.

Juanita, Donald,
Bill, Ruth,
Royce, Doris

6. Ruth Emma Potts m. Herman Kelley in June and had a son
11.I.Winfred Francis, (Bud) born April 9, at Camden New Jersey.
She remarried William Perry (See Perry, 103.) of Phila., Penna. on June 12, a widower with 5 children (Kay, William, Mary, Ruth, Alice), and they had four children.
12.II. Allen Hugh Perry, b. April 15.
13.III. Donald Eugene Perry, b. March 11.
14.IV. Peggyanne Lillian Perry, b. February 12.
15.V. Doris Elizabeth Perry, b. August 13.
7- Doris Elizabeth Potts, m. Royce A. Fish on October 24. Who was born 25 October at East Stroudsburg, Penna. They had one Son,
16.I. Robert George Fish,b. August 5.

8- Donald Eugene Potts, born December 19 at Audubon, New Jersey. He married Juanita Horstman on August 1. They have five childern.

17.I. David Warren Potts, born September 11.
18.II. Daniel Potts, born March 14.
19.III. Dougalas Potts, born December 5.
20.IV. Deric Potts, born April 1.
21. V. Joan Potts, born April 13.
11. Winfred (Bud)Francis Kelley, m. Oct. 10, Loretta, divorced . They had two children;
22.I. Michael, b. Sept. 10, d. June 15, 1976.
23.II. Lisa, b. Oct. 26.
Bud had another son,
24.I. Kevin b. Jan. 9, m. Mar. 25, two children;.
A. Krista Rayanne, b. April 15.
B. Karson Michael, b. Dec. 1.

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