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William Songster Perry Sr. (103) in 1917

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Willam Songster Perry Family

This page uses William S. Perry Sr.(103), my father, as its' focus listing his ancestors and descendants. I attempt to provide the links to other family surnames where appropriate. EMail me, Allen Perry(110), at:

Much of the information on this page plus the source of the "McKennan" data is also in a GEDCOM database at Don McKennan's "Don and Jane's Family History" @ "Thanks Don!."

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Family Name History

"The Irish surname Perry is ultimately of English local origin, being one of those names derived from the place where a man once lived or held land. In this case it is derived from the Old English word "pirige" or "pyrige", pear tree and simply denotes a "dweller by the pear-tree". Early recorded instances of the name include a reference to Henry de Peri in the Pipe Roll for Staffordshire in 1176, William de la Purie in the Assize Rolls for Somerset in 1243 and Gilbert atte Perye who appears in the Feet of Fines for Surrey in 1263. Finally, James atte Pyrie and John Peryere, both of whom lived in Dedham ( Essex ) which appear in the Subsidy Roll for that county in 1327. The name may also be derived on occasion from the Old French "perrier" or "perrieur", a quarrie, in which case it would simply denote one who worked in a quarry; the usual form of this surname is Perrier of which Perry may be a diminutive form.

Immigration records date the arrival of the surname Perry in Ireland to c. 1640. It was a well known surname in Munster in the seventeenth century and in Ulster, where synonyms such as Pirrie ( also from pear-tree ), Pery and Peery, of which the older form is Peere, are still extant; in fact, the latter variants appeared in Ulster rather early in 1640, in the period of the Plantation of Ulster. The surname is found today throughout Ireland, in some cases of course, as that of latter settlers.

The arms below were granted to the descendants of Captain George Perry of Gloucester who settled in Co. Clare in 1639.

BLAZON OF ARMS: Quarterly gules and or, on a bend argent          
                three lions, passant, guardant sable.
Translation:    The lion, as the king of beasts, symbolizes            
                Strength, Courage, Generosity, and Majesty.
CREST:          A hind's head couped argent, holding in the             
                mouth a pear branch fructed proper.
MOTTO: 	        Virtute non astutia.
Translation:	By bravery, not stratagem.

The arms described below were first awarded to the Perrys of Warwickshire."

BLAZON OF ARMS: Argent on a pile vert three pears stalked 
                and leaved or.
CREST:          A gryphon sejant wings fretty vert elevated 
                or, and resting the dextor claw on a mascle gold.
Translation:	I trust doing right

50. Perry, John, b. abt. 1834 Ireland, d. Feb.8,1897, Phila.,PA. (Although the 1880 census had recorded that he was 40 years old in 1880.) John worked at the Phila. Gas Works and his death certificate says he was a "boss at the Phila. Gas Works." His will list 1111 S.24th St. and 2 vacant lots on the west side of 31st St. in 36th Ward. The lots are near Mifflin and Ida streets, purchased 1871 for $108 and sold by sons William and Robert 12/26/1900. The house, a three story brick "messuage" or tenement, 26th Ward, at 1111 S. 24th St. was purchased from Alexander Wilson April 26,1872 for $800. William purchased Robert's half for $400 Oct.10,1899. John died Feb.8,1897 of pneumonia and was buried Feb.11,1897 at Mt. Moriah Cemetery, Phila., Sect.121, Lot 61, S/E qrtr, grave 3 from Northline. (Cemetery lot owner Annie Cassedy. Only stone on plot reads, "Annie Cassedy, 1824-1907.")
Married 60. Jane (Perry). Unable to find marrage record in Phila. So far it is unknown if they were married in US or Ireland or when they immigrated. Jane died a widow on Dec.11,1898.
I. John F. Perry, b. abt. 1868, Phila.PA. May have died before March 1996. John's will only lists his "two sons" William and Robert.
II.100. William Perry, b. April 5, 1873, 1111 S.24th St., Phila.PA, d.Jan. 27,1958 Middletown, PA.
III.101. Robert Perry, b. May 26, 1876, 1111 S.24th St., Phila.PA.

Additional information.
A James C. and Margaret Perry lived next door ( at 1113 S.24th St.) to John and Jane in 1880 but I have not been able to establish a relationship yet.
Perry, James C., b. abt. 1832, Penna. James worked as a house painter. Both his partents were born in Ireland. He died Oct.24,1905 1113 S.24th St. Buried Mt.Moriah Cemetery, Phila.
Married Margaret (Montiell???). b. abt. 1832 Penna. She died Mar.1,1901 1113 S.24th St. of TB. Buried Mt.Moriah Cemetery. Both her parents were born in Ireland. Her mother, Jane Montiell??(unable to decipher name) b. 1797.
Sarah, b. abt. 1856
George W., b. abt. 1860
Frank, b, abt. 1870
Thomas, b. abt. 1872
60. (Perry), Jane, b. abt. 1843 Ireland. d. Dec.11,1898 a widow, housekeeper at 1111 S.24th St. Phila. of stomach cancer. Buried. Mt.Moriah Cemetery, Phila., Sect.133, Lot 86, Northline. (The cemeterty lot was owned by John Frazier. The only remaining headstone reads, "John Frazier, son of, John and Jane Frazier, of Co. Derry,Ireland, died Philadelphia, Dec.19,1863, next line unreadable.")
Married 50. Perry, John. For children see 50. Perry, John.

The McKennan Line
Abstract from Don McKennan's "Don and Jane's Family History" @

74. McCormick, Mary Elizabeth, b. before 1768 Scotland, d. after 1803.
m.75.William McKennan.
75. McKennan, William, b. Before 1765 Island Of Arran, Bute, Scotland, d. after 1803 Ballycastle, Antrim, Ireland
Marriage before 1780 in Ireland? Spouse: Macarthur, Margaret, b. before 1763 Scotland, d.before 1783, Children:
McKennan, John, b. before 1783 Ireland? d. Lost At Sea.
Marriage: between 1780 - 1783 in Ballycastle, Ireland? Spouse: 74.McCormick, Mary Elizabeth, Children:
McKennan, Patrick
76.McKennan, Hugh
McKennan, Alexander
McKennan, Catherine
McKennan, Ezekiel
McKennan, Elizabeth
76. McKennan, Hugh ,b. between 1780 - 1807 Ballycastle, Antrim, Ireland, d. bet. 1846 - 1853 Scotland.
Marriage: before 1822 in Ireland? Children:
77.McKennan, Ezekiel
McKennan, Hugh
Marriage: BET. 1826 - 1833 in Ireland? Spouse: McLaughlin, Mary Jane, Birth : Feb. 1810 Ireland Death : 11 Mar. 1889 133 West 62nd St, NYC, Children:
McKennan, Elizabeth
McKennan, John
McKennan, Catherine
McKennan, Mary Jane
McKennan, Alexander
McKennan, Robert
77. McKennan, Ezekiel, b. abt. 1822 Ballycastle, Antrim, Ireland, d. 7 Mar. 1884 Nw 13 & Cath., Philadelphia, Pa. He was a private in the Union Army, C Company, 90th Pennsylvania Infantry.
Marriage: bef. 1848, Spouse: ???, Rosanna, b.1820 Ireland, d.12 Oct. 1874 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co., Pennsylvania. Children:
78.McKennan, Samuel
McKennan, Grace J.
McKennan, Hugh
McKennan, Ezekiel
McKennan, Catherine E.
Marriage: 3 Jun. 1875 in Phila., Pa Spouse: Marks, ida Augusta Valentine, b. 20 Dec. 1854 Prussia d. after 1920, Children: McKennan, William L
McKennan, Lillian I
78. Samuel McKennan, b. May 1848 Phila., Pa., d. after. 1925,
m. 1870 in Phila.,Pa., to 81.Songster, Mary A., b. Jul.29,1849 Phila., Pa., d. Nov.4,1914, 1810 Latona, Phila., Pa. Children
I.79. Mary Elizabeth McKennan,. b. Dec.1,1874, Phila. PA,.
II. Rose Anna (Annie) McKennan, b.6 Nov.1872 Phila. PA,
m. Apr.3,1895, William Robert Love,(b.Nov.9,1871 Hestonville, W. Phila. PA, d. abt. 1918 Phila.) d. aft. 1924. Children:
A. ??? Love, b. aft. 1895 PA?, d. before 1900 PA?
B. Samuel J. Love, b. Jun.15,1902 Pa, Death : Oct.14, 1992 Sharon, Pa
C. Robert S. Love, b. Abt. 1905 Pa, Death : aft. 1920
D. Raymond Love, b. Jan.1910 Pa, Death : aft. 1920

The Schweitzers and more.

79. Mary Elizabeth McKennan b. Dec.1,1874, Phila. PA, residence at 1919 Morris St. Phila. ca 1897, d. about Aug.1949. I recall visiting her when very young. She had a bullet in her back from being shot when she was baby sitting. The way I understand the story was that she was baby sitting for a boy who was home sick from school. The boy was playing with a gun in another room when it went off and hit her in the back, about 1942.
m. 100.William Perry, Mar.31,1897, Divorced Oct.24,1904, grounds were desertion. Children William (103) was raised by Mary (our grandmother Schweitzer) and Samuel (102) was raised by the McKennans.
see 100. for children.
m. Peter Paul Schweitzer, b. Oct.1,1878 Phila., PA.,d. aft. 1920. Peter Schweitzer worked for Bond Bread in Phila. He died of a cerebral hemorrhage while at work on the day before he was to start vacation. They lived at 3840 N. 7th St., Phila. One child from this marriage.
I. Katherine Schweitzer,(died) at 10 months.
80.Robert Songster, b. before 1834, Ireland, d. after 1849.
m. before 1849. Children:
I.81. Mary Ann Songster, b. Jul.29,1849 Phila., Pa., m. 78. Samuel McKennan, 1870 in Phila.,Pa., d. Nov.4,1914, 1810 Latona, Phila., PA.
89.Samuel Dewees, b. 4/10/1811, d. 9/14/1886.
m. Elizabeth ,b.10/1/1815, d.7/14/1879. Children:
I.90.Mary Dewees, b. 12/13/1834.
90.Mary Dewees, b. 12/13/1834, d. 12/29/1907 Children:
I.92.Anna E. Dewees, b. 12/10/1862
91.George Openshaw, b. Oct.5, 1860 England. It is reported that his Aunt and Uncle brought him to the U.S. when he was three and his sister Alice (married Wm Crush, lived in Norwood,PA) was five years old. He worked in a rug factory (Oranoka(sp) Mills) from the time he was 17 till he died, 1/18/1931, buried Hatboro Cemetery, PA.
m. 92.Anna E. Dewees. Children:
I.93.Alice Openshaw, b. Oct.28,1900.
II.Howard Openshaw, m. Mildred. Lived on Rawn St. in Phila.
a.Janet Openshaw
b.Doris Openshaw
III.Mary (May)D. Openshaw, b.Feb.17th about 1905, d. Dec.3, 1982.
92.Anna E. Dewees, b. Dec.10, 1862, m. 91.George Openshaw, d. 6/27/1942. Buried Hatboro, PA.
Children: See 91.George Openshaw.
93.Alice Openshaw, b. Oct.28,1900, m. 103.William Songster Perry Sr., d. April 6,1938. Buried Hatboro, PA. Children: See 103.William Songster Perry.
100. William Perry, b. April 5, 1873, 1111 S.24th St., Phila.PA, d.Jan. 27,1958. William's occupation is noted as "Ins. Agent" on his son William's birth record, occupation noted as collector in 1907. Oct.7,1907 residence was 7406 Federal St. Phila., He died Jan. 27,1958 at the Odd Fellows Home, near Middletown, Pa.

The Phila. Evening Bulletin, Wed. Jan. 29, 1958
Note that his first sons, William and Samuel are not included.

"William Perry, retired insurance broker, died Monday at the Odd Fellows Home, Middletown, near Harrisburg. He was 84.

Mr. Perry had lived at 2613 S. Shields St. until six years ago when his wife, Elizabeth, died. He was in the insurance business for over 50 years until his retirement nine years ago. He was connected with the Equitable Life Insurance Co..

He was a mason and an Odd Fellow, belonging to both organizations for more than 50 years. He was past district deputy grand master of the Odd Fellows in the Philadelphia area.

He is survived by three sons, Frank, John, and William E., and a daughter, Mrs. Mae Roe. Services will be held at 11 A.M. tomorrow at the chapel of the Odd Fellows Home. Burial will be in Lawnview Cemetery, Fox Chase."

Member of Odd Fellow's American Star Lodge #405, Phila, PA. SS# 160-10-2211. He deserted my grandmother(79) when my father (William Songster Perry, Sr.(103)) and uncle (Samuel McKennan Perry(102)) were infants and he had a second family with children Frank, John, William and Mae.
m. 79. Mary Elizabeth McKennan Mar.31,1897, Divorced Oct.24,1904, grounds were desertion. Children,
I.102. Samuel McKennan Perry.
II.103. William Songster Perry, b. 10/24/1899, 2044 Watkins St. Phila. PA. d. 8/14/1975.
Remarried , Oct.8, 1907, Elizabeth Mae Caldwell, 4740 Upland St. W. Phila.PA., b. Dec.31,1875 Kent Co.,Del. d. Sep.21,1951, 2708 S. 55th Dr.. Occupation housework. The following addresses were on file at the Oddfellows Home. Children,
III. Frank Perry, b. abt. 1909, last known addrss 1633 Ridgeway, Brookline, Pa.
IV. Margaret (Mae) Perry, b. abt. 1911. married Roe.
V. William E. Perry, b. Jan.5, 1912, 1624 S. 24th St. Phila.,PA. d.May 1977, Lansdowne, Delaware, PA
III. John Perry, b. abt. 1915, last known address 1023 Oakford, Glenolden, Pa.

Earl Perry, relationship unknown, last know address 824 Rundale, Yeadon, Pa.

The following information is from where 100. William Perry is buried in the Lawnview Cemetery, Phila. PA. A single bronze plaque marker with "Perry" only.

These 3 people were buried in the Odd Fellows cemetery in Phila. and moved to the the same plot where grandfather Perry was later buried in Lawnview. They were removed from Odd Fellows Lot 397 Section H, on 8-9-51. Since they all died about or before grandfather Perry was born their relationship is unknown.

Lawnview Grave #21;

Jane Parry (not Perry), (from North #397 H, Odd Fellows, permit #1264)
Age 58, born in Ireland, died 10/4/54, cause Peritonitis,
Date of interment 10/6/1854,owner Matthew Parry

Matthew Parry (not Perry), (from North #397 H, Odd Fellows, permit #1428)
Age 31, born Ireland, Died 1/21/1859, Married
Date of interment 1/24/1859, cause Phthisis, owner Matthew Parry

Mary McConnell, (from North #397 H, Odd Fellows, Reg #27504-526)
Age 50, Date of interment Oct. 6, 1873, 1111 So. 24th St.
cause Dysentery, owner Matthew Parry (her death registration indicates d. Oct.5,1873 and that she was married.)

These 2 were interred directly to Lawnview

Lawnview Grave #20;
Elizabeth Mae Perry, died 9-21-1951, 2708 55th Dr.
Age 74, Date of interment Sept.25,1951,
cause Cerebral Apoplaxy, owner Perry
Undertaker Reber.

Lawnview Grave #19;
William Perry, died 1-27-1958, Odd Fellows Home, Middletown, PA.
Age 84, Date of interment 1-30-58,
cause Stasis pneumonia valvular heart disease,
owner Matthew Perry (in script, not typed)
Undertaker J Haas 6336 Elmwood Ave.

101. Robert Perry, b. May 26, 1876, 1111 S.24th St., Phila.PA. d. aft.1899.
m. Mary, bef. 1899. Children,
I. Robert, died 5/24/1902 at 1 year old.
102. Samuel McKennan Perry, b. Oct. 25,1897, Phila., PA, d. Apr. 1984 Southampton, Bucks Co., Pa. He was employed as an Office Manager at Rohm and Haas.
m. Emma Nickol aft. 1904, b. Apr.9,1898, MO, d. Jul.27,93, Southhampton, PA. Children,
I. Edward Perry, Hatboro, PA
A. Joan Perry, m. Edward Jerdan.
B. Carol Perry, m. Albert Jerdan.
C. Janice Perry.
widowed, married Alma
II. Ruth Perry, b. abt.1924, d. 4/1/2002, Hatboro, PA, m. William H. Heiss.
A. Patricia Carol Perry m. Joseph Angarano, Ocean City, NJ
1. Thomas Edward Roesch
2. Andrew William Roesch m. Gina
2.a. Nickolas Roesch
B. Raymond William Heiss m. Joyce, Ivyland, PA
1. Gregory Heiss
2. Kristen Heiss
3. Eric Heiss
103. William Songster Perry, b. 10/24/1899, 2044 Watkins St. Phila. PA. d. 8/14/1975. His enlistment record lists his vocation as an iron moulder, 5 ft., 4.5 inches in height. "Battles, engagements, skirmishes, expeditions: Chateau Theierry, Alsace Arrgonne, Meuse." He received a purple heart for "Wounds received in service: Gassed, Nov. 10, 1918." He also had bullet wounds on his forearm. He served as a cook.
The following was provided by Bill, Jr. (105);
"While living in Wildwood N.J. he owned an ice cream parlor in Cape May N.J. in 1938 - 1939 (was located at 4 corners). I used to work at the store during the day, and on his last trip of the day between Wildwood N.J. & Cape May N.J. he would pick me up on his return trip to Wildwood. While living in Wildwood, he drove for Public Service bus company between Wildwood, Philadelphia ( with stops between) and Cape May N.J. In 1940 we moved to Atlantic City N.J. where he worked for the Lincoln Bus Company. Believed it was sometime in 1941 that we ended up moving to Philadelphia, Pa." The ice cream parlor is the current "Godmother's" at Broadway and Perry Streets, West Cape May.
They lived on Lavender St, Wildwood Crest when Alice was born. After moving to Atlantic City they lived at 5416 Akron St. Phila. That is where they lived when Bill went into the U.S. military service.
His occupations included electric meter reader, interior decorator (paper hanging, painting, etc.), clerk for Unity Frankford grocers, and bus driver. He worked his last years as a security guard for Philco Co. Phila. PA. He retired to Orlando, Florida where he died 8/14/1975. Buried at Forrest Hills, Phila, Pa.
William Perry children picture, except Bill, Mary, and Bud.
m. 93.Alice Openshaw, Daughter by previous marriage,
I.104. Kay, b. 1/22.
II.105. William Songster Perry, Jr. b. 12/6.
III.106. Mary Elizabeth Perry, b. 12/17/1929,Phila., d. 1/1/1958, Oil City, Kansas.
IV.107 Ruth Clara Perry, b. 5/29. Phila.
V.108. Alice May Perry, b. 9/11, Wildwood Crest, NJ
Remarried Ruth Hoffman(?), divorced.
Remarried 6/12/1941, Ruth Emma Potts, b. 1/3, (see Potts, 6.), Son from previous marriage,
VI.109. Winfred Francis (Bud) Kelley, b. 4/9.
4 Children,
VII.110. Allen Hugh Perry, b. 4/15. Phila. Pa.
VIII.111. Donald Eugene Perry, b. 3/11/44. Phila. Pa. d. 3/14/99.
IX.112. Peggyanne Lillian Perry, b. 2/12. Phila. Pa.
X.113. Doris Elizabeth Perry, b. 8/19, Phila. Pa.
104. Kay Openshaw, m. 4/12, Frank Hyson, Sr. b. 4/19/1913, d. 1/20/1986. 3 children,
I. Frank Hyson, Jr. b. 12/25/1939, d. 9/6/1996 m. 10/2, Ruth Ann, b. 11/27. Children
A. Sue Hyson, b. 10/27.
B. Ruth Ann Hyson, b. 2/22.
C. Frank Joseph Hyson, b. 5/29/1967, d. 3/14/1968.
II. Emaline Hyson, b. 6/25, m. 11/15, Robert Toltz, b. 5/28.
A. Jessica Betina Toltz, b. 3/12., m, 6/10/00, Christian Church in Wildwood, WeekiWachee,FL, Michael Glenn Varn.
III. Maryanne Hyson, b. 8/26, m. 10/25, Jack Kenny, b. 9/20.
105. William Songster Perry, Jr., m. 5/18, Japan, Susan (Wada), b. 9/1.
I. Shirley Ann Perry, b. 5/11, m. 6/4, Larry Lescantz, b. 3/31. Children,
A. Nathan Lawrence Lescantz, b. 4/29.
B. Brittany Ann Lescantz, b. 10/19.
106. Mary Elizabeth Perry, m. 2/18, Phila., Larry Ray, b. 2/26, d. 1/1/1958, Oil City, Kansas. Son from Previous marriage,
I. Jack Ray, b. 5/19, m. Kathy Hodges, divorced.
A. Shane Preston Ray, b. 9/2.
B. Shiloh Jason Ray, b. 9/30.
m. Mary Leunora Knowles, b. 5/14.
C. Shannon Lee Ray, b. 11/25.
2 children,
II. Larry (Kip) Ray, b. 12/15, m. 8/7, Joyce, b. 7/27.
A. Bryan Thomas Ray, b. 6/3.
B. Danica Erin Ray, b. 11/21.
C. Timothy James Ray, b. 6/29.
III. Robin Lynne Ray, b. 6/29, m. 9/14, Daniel Rose,b. 5/30, divorced.
A. Mandy Dale Rose, b. 5/18, m. 1/9, Kenneth Hearn.
B. Miki Lynne Rose, b. 2/4, m. 6/13, Timothy Davis.
1. Timothy Davis, b. 2/19.
2. Tanner Reese Davis, b. 12/10/98
2nd. m. 3/16, Sammy Joe Parsley, b. 9/22, d. 10/1/1997.
C. Sammie Jo Parsley, b. 9/13.
107. Ruth Clara Perry, m. 12/24, Phila, James Arthur Kite, b. 12/7. 4 children,
I. Ruth Emma Kite, b. 11/3, m. 8/14, James Fredrick Kling, b. 5/12. 5 Children,
A. Brian David Kling, b. 12/19.
B. Michael Andrew Kling, b. 11/14. m. 6/17/2000, Calvery Church of Souderton, PA, Karen Lynn Hunsberger.
C. Brandon Joel Kling, b. 11/10.
D. Kari Alisa Kling, b. 12/31.
E. Nathaniel Kevin Kling, b. 5/22
II. James Arthur Kite, Jr. b. 7/2, m. 5/15, New Jersey, Maureen, b. 3/8.
A. Gregory James Kite, b. 12/9.
B. Bradley Williams Kite, 6/5.
C. Lindsay Marie Kite, b. 3/30.
III. Dennis Earl Kite, b. 4/10(twin) m. 12/31,Rosalba Angela, b. 12/31.
A. Bruce Anthony Kite, b. 5/31.
B. Craig Andrew Kite, b. 2/21.
C. Steven Kite, b. 11/26.
IV. Daniel Edwin Kite, b. 4/10(twin), m. 11/6, Betty Jean Krider, b. 11/3.
A. Joshua Samuel Kite, b. 7/1.
108. Alice May Perry, m. 4/15, Phila., John Wambach, b. 7/6/1932, d. 11/30/1986. She lived on Lavender Ave., Wildwood Crest, NJ when young and hit by a Telephone truck and spent several months in a cast for broken hip. 6 children,
I. John Mark Wambach, b. 8/22, m. Virginia, Ava Reynolds, b. 6/14.
A. Doretta Marie Wambach, b. 12/6.
II. Susan Wambach, b. 7/7, m. 6/9, Bristol, PA, Sam Wilson, b. 3/9.
A. Daniel Wilson, b. 2/8.
B. Samantha Wilson, b. 5/14.
III. Harry Wambach, b. 5/18, m. 4/16, Lynn Wagner, b. 12/6.
A. Mathew John Wambach, b. 12/22.
B. Andrew William Wambach, b. 11/15.
IV. William Perry Wambach, b. 10/17, m.11/1, Johnston City, NY, Carol,7/22.
A. Joseph William Wambach, b. 8/20.
V. Bethanne (Betsy) Ruth Wambach, b. 2/16.
VI. Thomas Wambach, b. 5/21, m. 6/20, Streator, IL., Debora Davis, b. 9/10.
A. Allison Nicole Wambach, b. 3/29.
B. Dianna Rena Wambach, b. 7/5/1998.
109. Winfred (Bud) Francis Kelley, m. 10/2, Betharyes, PA. Loretta, divorced. 2 children,
I. Michael Kelley, b. 9/10/1960, d. 6/15/1976
II. Lisa Kelley, b. 10/26.
Another son,
III. Kevin Kelley, b. 1/9, m. 3/25, Kimberly.
A. Krista Rayanne Kelley, b. 4/15.
B. Karson Michael Kelley, b. 12/1.
110. Allen Hugh Perry, m. 7/8, Phila.,PA, Karen Sandra Hasenkamp, b. 6/3/42, Phila. PA.,d. Oct.26,2002, Fairless Hills, PA. More Pictures
4 Children,
I.114. Connie Lynne Perry, b. 6/12, Cheyenne, Wyo.
II.115. Kenneth Alan Perry, b. 11/10, Cheyenne, Wyo.
III.116. Donald Owen Perry, b. 10/4, Bristol, PA.
IV.117. Dennis Scott Perry, b. 8/28, Bristol, PA

111. Donald Eugene Perry, d. 3/14/99, m. Steelton, PA. Florence Muza. 1 Child,
I. Donald Eugene Perry, Jr. b. 10/10, m.11/20/90 Melinda Dawn Smith, b. 11/14/69. 4 Children,
A. Ashton Sarah Elizabeth Perry, b. 8/17/90.
B. Austin Michael Perry, b. 9/21/94.
C. Aaron Mitchel Perry, b. 10/16/96.
D. Amanda Taylor Nicole Perry, b. 8/20/98.
Remarried 4/9, Orlando, FL., Betty, b. 8/28.

Donald Eugene Perry

March 11,1944 to March 14,1999
More Pictures | Fellsmere Newspaper
112. Peggyanne Lillian Perry, m. 6/4, Elkton, MD., James Warren Gangwer, b. 1/14. 5 Children,
I. Ronald Dewitt Gangwer, b. 4/28, m. 12/17, Tammy Dee Kelley, b. 9/21. 2 Children,
A. Jaclyn Kelly Gangwer, b. 11/3.
B. Elizabeth Nicole Gangwer, b. 8/26.
II. Robinlyn Ruth Gangwer, b. 5/2, m. 11/27, Fayetteville, NC, Jeffrey Mitchell, b.11/18.
A. Chadwick Wayne Mitchell, b. 6/4/3.
III. Rachelle June Gangwer, b. 1/8, m. 9/1, Alan John Beauchimen, b. 2/11. 4 Children,
A. Alan James Beauchimen, b. 6/26.
B. Jordan Ryan Beauchimen, b. 11/23.
C. Justin Raymond Beauchimen, b. 1/21.
D. Brandon Perry Beauchimen, b. 9/16.
IV. Randi Christine Gangwer, b. 7/3, m. 4/10, Gabrial Vincent Raffa, b. 6/25. 4 Children,
A. Gabriel Raffa, b. 11/1.
B. Madison Taelor Jillana Raffa, b. 11/6.
C. Dominic James Raffa b. 10/6/98.
D. Luciano Antonio Perry Raffa b. 1/12/00.
V. Richard William Gangwer, b. 7/3.
113. Doris Elizabeth Perry, m. 6/10, Levittown, PA, Edward Lenard Blakemore, b. 6/5. 2 Children,
I. Timothy Edward Blakemore, b. 5/16 m. 4/29, Orlando, FL, Angela Marie, b. 6/11. 4 Children,
A. Josiah Nathaniel Blakemore, b. 11/4.
B. Noah Andrew Blakemore, b. 4/23, Orlando, FL,
C. Claire Elizabeth Blakemore, b. 3/23/00
D. Samuel Elijah Blakemore, b. 7/21/01
II. Kimberly Ruth Blakemore, b. 6/25, m.11/9, Orlando, FL., John Anderson, b. 8/29. Children,
A. Ashley Marie Anderson, b. 2/18.
B. Jacob Edward Anderson, b.11/25/98.
114. Connie Lynne Perry, m. 6/21, Levittown, PA., LeRoy Smith, b. 8/31.
I. Renee Ashley Smith, b. 8/21/1987, Bristol PA.
II. Ryan Patrick Smith, b. 1/17/94, Bristol PA.
115. Kenneth Alan Perry, m. 7/12, Wellsboro, Pa. June Marie Russell, b. 6/2, 2 children,
I. Adam Bradley Perry, b. 3/27/1989, Harrisburg, PA.
II. Luke Daniel Perry, b. 3/18/1992, Harrisburg, PA.
116. Donald Owen Perry, m. 9/15, Levittown, PA., Stacey Lynn, b. 3/9.
I. Colin Edward Perry, b.2/14/2002, Langhorne, PA.

117. Dennis Scott Perry, m. 6/29, Levittown, PA., Nicole Cataldi, b. 3/11.
I. Alyssa Lauren Perry, b.4/21/1998, Elkins Park, PA.
II. Joshua Tyler Perry, b.3/7/2002, Vorhees, NJ.

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