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I had previously maintained exerts from a book "Gauer - Gower Family by Irene May Gower, 1939, Allentown, PA" at this location. Recently (Oct.,1999) I have been made aware of some probable inaccuracies in that document. I am therefore yielding to those that have spent a great deal of effort to "staighten out" these inaccuracies. I have reproduced a "summary" here of her data with the most likely corrections as it applies to our lineage of the Allen H. Perry family.

The following links are available that provide additional Gauer - Gower ancestory information.
"Gauer - Gower Family by Irene May Gower, 1939, Allentown, PA. " My original transcription of the book.
"Family of Gauer/Gower" More detailed information, corrections, and references for Nicolas Gauer "the immigrant", born about 1722/23 thru Anna Malinda Gower, born Feb. 28, 1849, my great, great grandmother
"GAUER Family Home Page" Information about the origin of the Gauer name and ancestory.

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1. Nicholas Gauer, "the immigrant," b. abt 1722/23. Migrated from Germany on ship "Phoenix", with wife Barbara and daughter Elizabeth. Commanded by William Wilson. arrived in Philadelphia, Penna., on September 30,1743, when he took the Oath of Allegiance required by all who wished to reside in America. They settled in South Whitehall Township, Lehigh County, then part of Northampton County, Pa. They were members of the Jordan Lutheran church located at Walberts, Pa. On September 1, 1765, he purchased land in Hamilton Township, near the village of Saylorsburg, Pa. d. probate 2 Aug. 1790
m1. probably Germany, spouse 1: Barbara

...1. Elizabeth Gauer, b. March 2, 1741. Bapt. March 25,1745.
...2. Simon Gauer, b. April 6, 1745. Bapt. April 16, 1745
...3. Barbara Gauer, b. August 21,1746. Bapt August 31, 1746. Died Feb.21, 1752.
.3.4. Lewis Gauer, b. August 21, 1746. Bapt. August 31, 1746. Sponsors at baptism for the twins were Ludwie Egener, David Marsh and Regina Huber.
...5. Susannah Gauer, b. 1747. Married Samuel Bauer.
...6. Johan Henrich Gauer, b. 20 Jun 1748, apparently died young. Henry is not listed in the Gauer book.
...7. Cathariana Gauer, b. 1748, m. 1779, spouse: FRANZ, Peter
...8. Michael Gauer, b. 1750. PA, Moved to Milton, PA. The only regular butcher in the borough until 1808, located in the NW corner of Lower Market and S. Front St. He sold his business to Daniel H. Fisher. d. summer of 1817, Milton, PA, Will prob. 24 Dec 1817, Sunbury, Northampton, PA. spouse: Susannah

His first wife, Barbara, died Feb.22,1751. Buried at the "Schmaltzgasse," West Salisbury Church.

Unsure of mother
...9.Johannes Gauer, , "John", b. 1751, Northampton Co., PA d. 27/29 Aug 1776, Long Island, NY, Rev. War.

m2. 1751, Northampton Co., PA, spouse 2: STURM, Susannah, b. abt 1735, m. 1751, Northampton Co., PA per Gower book. still appears 1768, Hamilton Church Records
...10. Johann George Gauer, b. 2 May 1752, Lehigh Co., PA - m. after 1776 before 1779 when he is listed in church with wife Marie Salome. 1810 census, Only George and John listed in Hamilton Twp. d. 1846, Hamilton Twp., Monroe Co., PA .

spouse 1: FRANZ, Maria Salome, b. abt 1762, d. abt 1812
spouse 2: CONRAD/SNYDER, Louisa Barbara, b. abt 1768, Widow of John Schneider, d. 1814
..10.1. GAUER, Johann, "John", b. 8 Mar 1788, Northampton Co., (Monroe Co. ), PA, m. 1786, Monroe Co., PA, d. 1846, Hamilton Twp., Monroe Co., PA

They resided on a farm which he inherited through the death of his father in 1787. In August 1786, he and three other men, Meisner Melchoir Kintz, George John Kintz and Fredrick Keiser, bought two hundred and fifteen acres of land situated in Northampton County; now Monroe County, Penna.

He enlisted there in the spring of 1776, served as a private in Captain Allison's Company, later commanded by Lieutenant Hamilton and in Captain Lennox's Company, Colonel Cadwalader's Pennsylvania Regiment, marched first to Allentown, Pa., later to Fort Washington and assisted in building fortifications there. Was at Long Island just after the battle there, in which engagement his brother John Gower fell. He was later at Fort Washington and was confined by sickness in a hospital there at the time that the fort was taken, after his recovery rejoined his regiment at Philadelphia, and was discharged at the expiration of service of one year. He returned to Hamilton Township, Pa. He enlisted there the next fall and served two months as a private in Captain Lawrence Kunkle's Company, Colonel Miller's Pennsylvania regiment, a part of the time stationed at Rising Sun, from which place they fired on the enemy, then in possession of Philadelphia. He was called out later on the alarms to protect the inhabitants from Indians.

He was allowed pension on his application executed April 16, 1833. D.S. Winebrener acetd as his attorney. He died at the age of 94 in the year 1846, burial place unknown.

m3: spouse 3: Anna Maria - per Hamilton Church Record, appears by 1769 and still living 10 Jan 1779
m4: spouse 4: Mary Elizabeth per will of Nicholas 1786 (unless this is Anna Maria Elizabeth Gauer)

Communion Record.
1768-Nicol Gauer and wife Sussanna Sturm Gauer, children, Sussanna, Catharina, Simon and Ludwig.
1770-Michael Gauer, Confirmed.
1771-Simon and Michael Gauer.
1772-Communion and confirmation on Christmas Day, Johannes and Johann George Gauer.
1773-Jean Gauer.
1781-Nikolus Gauer and wife.
1782-Ludwig Gauer and wife, Magdalina Meixell Gauer, Johann George Gauer, wife Marie Salome.

3. Lewis Gauer, s/o Nicholas Gauer and Barbara b. 21 Aug 1746, Lehigh Co., PA, twin with sister Barbara chr: 31 Aug 1746, Jordan Luthern Church, S. Whitehall Twp., Lehigh Co., PA, sponsors: Ludwie Egeners, David Marsh and Regina Huber, Hamilton Church, recording 1782, Ludwig Gauer and wife. Magdalina (Meixsell) not on 1810 census, assume d. prior to that date. Appointed guardian of Christina Gower on the death of her father, Simon, Jr., 1829. Lived Chestnuthill Twp., near Kresgeville, PA, per Gower Book
spouse: MEIXSELL, Maria Magdalena
...1. Gauer, Johannes, (John), b. 29 Sep 1778, Northampton Co., (Monroe Co. ), PA, d. before 1820. spouse: HAUSER, Veronica.
...2. Christopher Gauer, b. 19 May 1771, Hamilton Twp., Northampton Co., PA. spouse: Susan, b. 1785
...3. Catharina Gaur, b. 23 Jun 1773, Hamilton Twp., Northampton Co.,PA, spouse: SETZER, Henry
.6.4. George Gauer, b. 31 Dec 1776, Hamilton Twp., Northampton Co., (Monroe Co. ), PA. chr: 18 May 1777, Hamilton Church, sp: Johann George and Rosina Scheibele spouse: KEISER, Susannah
...6. Anna Maria Gauer, b. 1 May 1781, Northampton Co., (Monroe Co.), PA, spouse: MAURER, Jacob
...7. Solomon Gauer, b. 1781, Northampton Co., PA spouse: FRIDRICH, Marie
...8. Henry Gauer, b. bef 1790
...9. Daughter Gauer, b. bef 1790
..10. Ludwig "Lewis" Gauer, Jr., b. abt 1792, Northampton Co. (now Monroe Co.), PA , Lived near Kresgevillebur: Kunkletown, Monroe Co., PA
...11. Daughter Gauer, , b. 1790/1800

6. George Gauer (Nicholas, Lewis). s/o Lewis Gauer and Maria Magdalena Meixsell, b. 31 Dec 1776, Hamilton Twp., Northampton Co., (Monroe Co. ), PA. chr: 18 May 1777, Hamilton Church, sp: Johann George and Rosina Scheibele Married Sussanna Keiser, 1794.
.10.1. Michael Gauer, b. October 30, 1796, Sponsors, Michael Fischer and wife Magdaline.
...2. David Gower. b. abt 1800, Northampton Co., PA (now Monroe Co.) spouse: Margaret
...3. Elizabeth Gower, b. abt 1804, Married Elisa Meixsell. Dau. Caty Meixsell, married to Henry Jacoby, a railroad clerk, they resided in Coffeeville, Kansas, where both were buried.
...4. Maria Gower, b. 1805, Northampton Co. (now Monroe), PA, spouse: FRABLE, David.
...5. Jacob Gower.b. abt 1807, spouse: Elizabeth Ann /Siglin/
...6. Peter Gauer, b. 10 Jan 1808, d. Nov 1889, bur: St. Mathews Cemetery, spouse: Anna Marie, b. 11 Dec 1824, d. 4 Sep 1884, bur: St. Mathews Cemetery, Kunkletown, Monroe Co., PA
...7. Anthony Gower, b. 17 Dec 1809 d. 20 Mar 1883, Monroe Co., PA, spouse: HEFFELFINGER, Catharine .

Third Generation

8. John Gower (Ludwig, Nicholas) married Elizabeth Buskirk, daughter Moses and wife Margaret Buskirk.
Item - found in the will of Moses Buskirk, dated October 6,1818, and filed 1821 Easton, Pa. Stating, "I give and devise and Assign unto my daughter Elizabeth B. Gower and to her heirs and Assign Twenty acres of land adjoing lands of Aaron Buskirk and George Murphy."
She passed away in 1829. He married Mary Bossard, widow of Henry Bossard, in 1831. She had one daughter, Emily Bossard; (See Daniel Gower #5)
They lived on the Johann Nickle Gauer homestead until his death on February 20, 1859. Buried in The Gower Cemetery, Saylorsburg, Pa. beside his two wives.
...1.Salome Gower, born September 8, 1808. Bapt. September 18. Sponsors George Guaer and wife Sussanna. She died August 14, 1810. Biried in Hamilton, Pa.

Missing page 17

[page 18]
...19. Mahlon Gower, born December 31, 1849. Married to Katie Daniels. Died September 18, 1885. Buried in the Gower Cemetery.
....1. Henry Gower
....2. Mahlon Gower. It is said there were 5 children.

* * *

7. Catherine Gower (Ludwig, Nicholas) married Henrick Setzer. Three daughters were baptized in Hamilton Church, Hamilton, Pa.
..1. Elizabeth Setzer, b. October 16, 1820. Sponsors Michael Stemer and wife.
..2.Maria Tshen Setzer, b. April 12, 1824.
..3. Salomon Setzer, b. March 13, 1826. Sponsors at bapt. Michael Sterner and wife Maria Elizabeth.

* * *

9. Johannes Gower (George, Nicholas) Married Veronica Hauser in 1806, moved near the village of Kregesville, Pa., where he owned and operated a farm and saw-mill.
.20.1. John Gower, born 1919.
...2. George Gower, died in infancy.

* * *

10. Michael Gower. (George, Lewis, Nicholas) Married Carolina Heffelfinger of Kunkletown. He was the first member of the Gower family to migrate from Hamilton, Township to Elfred Township, Monroe County, Pa. They owned and occupied a farm on the highway between Saylorsburg and Kunkletown. He died May 3, 1865; buried in St. Matthew Cemetery, Kunkletown, Pa. Letters of Addm. are on file in Stroudsburg Court House, Monroe County, Pa. They were granted to his widow Carolina Gower, Philip Drumheller and John DeYoung, all of Elfred Township.
...1. Sebina Gower, b. 1841, Monroe Co., PA
...2. Freeman Gower, born February 28, 1843, Monroe Co., PA.
...3. Abbisinia Gower born July 9, 1846, Monroe Co., PA.
...4. Robert Gower, born 1848, Monroe Co., PA.
.24.5. Anna Malinda Gower,
Born Feb. 28, 1849, Monroe Co., PA.
...5. Freeman Gower, - twin, b. Feb. 28, 1849, Monroe Co., PA.
...6. Sallie Ann Gower, born November 23, 1850.
...7. Emma Ann Gower, b. abt 1852, Monroe Co., PA, married Frank Corell. Three children, Silas Corell, Sula (Corell) Kerch and Harry U. Corell.
...8. Joseph Gower, born May 22, 1854.

.68.4. Joseph VanBuskirk.

23. Robert Gower (Michael, G., N.) was born in Elfred Township in the year 1848. He died in 1871. Buried in Kunklestown, Pa.
.69.1. One son Joseph Gower, born February 1,1868. Married Sarah Alice Kresge, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kresge of Saylorsburg, Pa. They lived near the village of Kresgeville, Pa., later moving to White Haven, where he passed away in May 9,1935. Buried in White Haven, Pa.
...1. John Gower, married Lucy Faek of White Haven in Feb. 1923.
...2.William Gower, married and lives near Bethlehem, Pa.
...3. Charles Gower, born June 10, 1900. Married Martha ____. Two children, Charles Gower, Jr., born July 20,1928, and Elwood Gower, born August 13, 1929.
...4. Albert Gower, born April 29,1902, married Anna _____.
.....1. Mary Ann Gower, born Jan. 26,1930.
.....2. Agnes Louis Gower, born October 23, 1832. 1932?
.....3. Margaret Jane Gower, born May 18, 1835. 1935?
.....4. Albert Louise Gower, born April 1, 1937.
.....5. Franklin Gower.
.....6. Sarah Gower, married Henry Fuek of White Haven, Pa., in September, 1930.

24. Ann M. (went by middle name Milinda) Gower (Michael, G., N.)
married Alfred Vanscoter. (see Vanscoter) They resided in Lehighton, Pa., where both are buried in Gnaden-Huetten Cemetery in Lehighton, PA. Cousin of Joseph #26.
.70.1. Emma Vanscoter, born at Packerton on July, 10, 1867. Died July 29,1957.
...2. Clara Vanscoter, married to ----- Synder.
...3. Annabel Vanscoter, married to ----- Moulthrop, is buried in Lehighton Cemetery, Lehighton, Pa.

* * *

Additional Hankel information, author unknown:

George Hankele, b. 1834, Stuttgart, Germany, married Susan Hoot, b. 1843, 
Skippack, Pa.
     1. George Henry Hankele, b. Phila.,Pa., d. Jan.24,1932, buried
 at Bromall, Pa., married Emma Vanscoter.
     2. Edwin Hankele, died young.
     3. Elizabeth (Lizzie) Hankele. Married Warren Davis.
        a. Edwin Davis, 
"My great grandfather, George Hankele (born 1834), was born in Stuttgart, Germany and came here (sailing vessel trip was 57 days) as a young man (in 1850). His family owned a textile factory. During WWI they manufactured munitions. After the war they made beer. An Uncle was Count. He married Susan Hoot of Skippack, Pa., born 1843.

Susan Hoot and George Hankele
and ran a small tailor shop in Norristown, Pa. They had two sons, George (our grandfather), Edwin who died young, and a daughter Elizabeth. Elizabeth married Warren Davis and had one son, Edwin. His widow lives in Lansdale, Pa. with a daughter.

George Henry was born in Phila. He was educated in a private German Lutheran school. He spoke German, Country Dutch, and English fluently. and could hold his own in yiddish. He had cousins who were undertakers in Mauch Chunk (now Jim Thorpe, Pa.). He would spend summers there helping them and that that's how he met grandmom. They were married in the Baptist Church of Packerton. He wanted to be an undertaker but yielded to parental pressure and became a tailor. He spent one summer in Germany visiting relatives.

After Grandpop Hankele retired he took a ferry boat ride and threw all his tailor tools off the back end into the Delaware River so he could never again be a tailor.

Susan Hoot had two brother (maybe more) named John and Jacob. She was hired out at the age of 11 or 13. John had a son named Frank (name changed to Hood). He was a building contractor named Hood and Gross. John lived in Trappe, Pa.." Written on a piece of paper, author unknown.

* * *

70. Emma Vanscoter. (Anna M. V, Michael, G., N.).. Married George Henry Hankele, he was born in Philadelphia, Pa., died January 24,1932; buried at Bromall, Pa.. George Henry's father was George Hankele, b. Stuttgart, Germany. His mother was Susan Hoot.

Henry (Harry) Hankele and Emma VanScoter

Great great grandmother Emma (Vanscoter) Hankele

Wilbur, Clayton and
Lillian Hankele
...1. E. Wilbur Hankele, born in Philadephia July 26, 1887, died Jan. 13, 1960.
"Wilber who I believe had no children and was never even married. I believe his bride left him standing at the church alter and that destroyed his life in so far as women were concerned," - Raymond Hankele(.70.6.2) 12/19/99.
...2. Howard F. Hankele, born in Philadelphia, January 28, 1890, died Oct. 16, 1891; buried at Bromall, Pa.
...2a. Alfred - died a young child buried in Bromall, Pa.

.116.3. Lillian M. Hankele, born in Philadelphia, September 27, 1892.(see Potts.2)

...4.Clayton H. Hankele. (Emma H., Anna V., Michael, G., N.)born in Phila., January 25, 1895. Married Lillian E. Balls of Northmont, NJ on Dec. 26, 1915. Children;
...4.1.Dorothy T. Hankele, born May 26,1916 at Camden, NJ. Married John McHugh on March 26,1935. 2 children

Dorothy was possibly murdered in 1952. The murder is still unsolved. .(Newspaper clipping from murder scene)
...4.1.b.John V. McHugh, Jr.b.April 1,1936(deceased)
...4.1.a.Dorothy McHugh b.abt.1937
"Clayton who I know even less about had only one daughter. I remember one visit from him again in Lenola, NJ. She was double-jointed and enjoyed doing tricks for us on the huge lawn that we had together with my grandmother Emma. Just "Grandmom" to me! Anyway, I believe her murder is still one of the unsolved in the state of NJ," -Raymand Hankele(.70.6.2) 12/19/99.

...5. Allen S. Hankele, born at Bellmawr, N.J., April 22, 1906, died Florida, Sept 6, 2001. Married Violet E. Garris October 11, 1924 at Elkton, Md. One daughter,
...5.1.Evelyn Mary Hankele, born at West Chester, Pa., August 7, 1927. Married Bill Bunker.

...6. Harold R.C. Hankele (Emma, Anna V., Michael, G., N.) born at Bellmawr, N.J., April 19, 1909. Married Isabella J. Ratcliffe of Summit Hill, PA. on March 24, 1930. Children;
...6.1.Allen Roy Hankele, born Maple Shade, NJ on February 6, 1932. Died July 25,2001, Venice, FL
...6.2.Raymond E. Hankele, born July 6,1936 at Mt Ephriam, NJ. Married Barbara, divorced.

"...I Left out where I spent most of my life because I have been known as "the wanderer". Even lived in the wilds of the Senoran Desert for three years. Most of the time would have to be divided between Phoenix, AZ, where my X-wife(Barbara) still carries the Hankele name.......," - Raymond Hankele
...6.3.Elaine I. Hankele, born July 7,1938 at Somerdale, NJ.
...6.4.Cynthia Hankele, born August 7.

* * *

116. Lillian M. Hankele. (Emma A., Anna V., Michael, G., N.) Married Hugh. M. Potts on March 27, 1917 (see Potts.2)., in Philadelphia, Pa. Children;
...1. Ruth E. Potts, born January 3, 1918, at Audubon, N.J. Married Winfred F. Kelley on June 9, 1934. One son, Winfred, Jr., born April 9, 1935. She remarried William Perry, (see Perry.103).a widower with 5 children (Katherine, William Jr., Mary, Ruth, Alice) of Phila., Penna. on 12 June 1941 and had four children.
........(me)Allen Hugh born 15 April 1942 (see Allen H. Perry).
........... Donald Eugene born 11 March 1944
........... Peggyanne Lillian born 12 February 1946
........... Doris Elizabeth born 13 August 1949
...2. Naomi Potts, twin sister of Ruth; died in infancy Jan. 13,1918.
...3. Doris Potts, born at Audubon, N.J., March 22, 1923.
...4. Donald Potts, born December 1929.

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