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Source of information

Written by Albert Andrew McCartney, paragraph IX.3, and transcibed by Royce Fish, paragraph II.1.B, and edited by me, paragraph II.1.A.

Sep. 25, 2001
Added note from John McCartney IX.4.B

Just a note, I had a journal from my great grandfather John McCartney who started trading in Bailieborough, It was an accounts ledgerwith notes at the back about work weather etc.. I knew if I held on to it that it would be lost or destroyed somehow. I sent it to the national liburary and it is in storage in the Monaghan Co Liburary, If you are over here I am sure you can find heaps to intrest you in the ledger. John

Mar. 5, 2000
Added more items PRIOR to Andrew's report that I found in old letters.

The following is information sent by Leslie Mc Keague 2/28/2000 concerning Perry, Potts and Branyan that I haven't added yet;

Just before Christmas a book was launched written by Rev Nesbitt
Presbyterian Minister in Ballybay it is ''Full Circle'' A Story of
Ballybay Presbyterians,  price 20, also about a month prior to this
two brothers from Ballybay town launched a book ''At The Ford of The
Birches'' The History of Ballybay, it's People and Vicinity.

I had a look in both and found the following :
1st Ballybay Presbyterian Church families associated :
Mc Clelland (3),     Potts (1)           Graveyard Inscriptions :
Mc Clelland (2)

2nd Ballybay Presbyterian Church families associated :  Perry (1)
This is the first Church where I have found the surname Perry !
Gravestone Inscriptions :   Potts (2)

Braddocks Presbyterian Church families associated :   Branyan (1)
Graveyard inscriptions :  Branyan (1)

Creevagh (Reformed Presbyterian or Covenanter Church)
Families associated : Perry (1)
Gravestone inscriptions : Perry (1) it reads as follows :

Erected in loving memory of William Perry of Knocknamaddy, born
3rd April1840, who departed this life on 21st September 1919, and
his father James Perry who died 20th March 1899, and mother Ellen
Perry died 31st March1897 and sister Mary S. died 15th January 1909
Jeannie E. Perry died 23rd January 1948.
''Blessed are the Dead, which die in the Lord.''  Rev. 12. 14.

Could you have a connection I wonder ? don't know if there are still
Perry's in the Ballybay area, I doubt it, currently there is a Brannion in
1st Ballybay but no Potts or Mc Clelland.
2nd Ballybay has no Potts or Perry.
Clontibret which isn't far away has Poots

Regards, Leslie."

Feb. 27, 2000
Added the items PRIOR to Andrew's report.

Feb. 25, 2000
Added pictures from Leslie Mc Keague.
Added comment per note,"On the third page of the Branyan's of Ireland it reads : ''After the building of 2nd Bailieborough Presbyterian Church known as Trinity '' Trinity Church Bailieborough was built as a replacement to 2nd Bailieborough and is never referred to as 2nd Bailieborough Church."

Feb. 23, 2000
Corrected spelling of "Corglass".
Removed "Interior of Methodist Church where Hannah Wilson and John Branyan werer married, July 16, 1867." per note from Leslie Mc Keague.

Feb. 23, 2000
...Gordon Victor McCartney, d. 17 Feb. 2000.
...Donald Eugene Perry, d. 13 Mar. 1999.

Feb. 20,2000

Leslie Mc Keague - 02/20/00 23:04:46
Comments: Greetings from Bailieborough, County Cavan, as I have an interest in local History and Genealogy I am pleased to see your page especially the old photos including Trinity Church where I attend.
Dec. 20, 1999
ANDREW KELLS - 12/20/99 01:51:45
Hi Al, thanks for the informative Branyan family tree page. I am the second son of William Victor Kells, eldest son of Robert Kells and Isabella Branyan. I will send you more detailed info on this Kells clan down here in godszone as i have only just bee informed of this Branyan home page today from Margaret Branyan via Xmas card. We will retain the Americas Cup. Regards ANDY KELLS

Sept. 19, 1997
Note from Royce. 9/18/97:

"This history was sent to Doris by Albert Andrew McCartney. He is on page 13 of what I sent your mother. He is the one that put it all together. There is a sad note to this he and his wife passed away only a few weeks apart earlier this year. He sent it hand written and I typed it up. (did not have a computer then)."

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