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The Surname Index | Person Index contains all the names from the following pages. If you find your name on these indexes also look at these other pages for additional information. If you would like to make a comment or you are related to John and Jane Perry born about 1840 in Ireland and immigrated to Phila.,PA, please EMAIL me at

My Grandparents

William Perry, born April 5, 1873, Phila., PA, is my grandfather. The "Perry" page has our Perry descendants starting with John Perry, born about 1840, Ireland, and his ancestors down through the current generations.

Mary Elizabeth McKennan, born Dec.1, 1874, Phila. PA, is my grandmother Perry (known to us as grandmom Schweitzer ("McKennan")). Don McKennan, my half third cousin once removed, maintains an excellent McKennan family record and I refer you to him at "Don and Jane's Family History""@ for our McKennan heritage. "Thanks Don!" The McKennan's trace back to Ireland and Scotland.

Hugh McClelland Potts, Jr., born Jan. 19, 1894, Phila., PA. The "Poppop" Potts pages start with Hugh McClelland Potts, Sr., born March 16, 1865 at Ballybay, Co., Monaghan, Ireland and up to the current generation. Hugh Jr.'s mother's, Jane Branyan, history is described on the Branyan page which goes to 1847, Ireland.

Lillian Margaret Hankele, born Sept.27, 1892, in Phila., PA. "Mommom" Potts' grandfather, George Hankele, was born in Stuttgart, Germany. Her lines are described at Gauer - Gower , who migrated from Germany on ship "Phoenix", 30 Sep 1743, and Vanbenschoten circa 1631 Bunschoten, the Netherlands. Van Scoten, Vanscoter, and Vanbunschooten are several of the variations of this name.

My Children and Grandchildren

"Karen and Al Perry's Family" is where I exercise my grandparental bragging rights.

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Tree Chart
VanBenschoten, America, 1671
Updated 7/8/99
Branyan's of Ireland, 1847
Gauer - Gower, 1743
Updated 10/4/99
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