A Brief Introduction

Hi, my name is Malinda Rimes. I grew up in Palestine and Odessa, Texas. I Graduated from Odessa College and lived there until 1973 when I moved to Houston where I now live with my husband and 2 cats. For the majority of my professional nursing career I have worked in the OB section of surburban hospitals with moms & babies as my patients. For more about me, check out my other pages below. The purpose of this site is to create a web presence for my genealogy research, and see if I can shake a few ancestors out of their hiding places, and, naturally to talk your ears off about my children and my cats!

Please sign my guestbook before you leave so I'll know that you have been here. I'm usually out visiting all the great friends I've made on the internet so I might have missed you. So kick back, relax and enjoy some of my very favorite things that make me smile and maybe you too!

I Love My Computer

My VERY favorite thing is of computer!
Would you really like to know just what it is that I like so much? Well, if you insist!(grin)
My computer system consist of a Intel Pentium III, 550 processor, 168 MB's of RAM, a 13.4 gigabyte HD and a 56K USR FAXmodem.
A few other items are also included such as a Quickcam Express camera, a Microsoft Internet keyboard and a Mouseman Wheel "mouse"! Oh, and last but not least a Back-UPS Pro power supply which was the request that started it all. Isn't life just GRAND!
And to top it all off my old monitor decided to not perform so I just HAD to get a new 17 inch one!

Truths or Myths

Computer VIRUS or Computer HOAX--- the latest information on past and present viruses.
Find out now, BEFORE IT'S TO LATE!!
No, so far I've not been a victim. Will YOU?

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SafeSurf Rated All Ages

SafeSurf was the first international organization to develop an Internet rating
system designed to protect children while promoting free speech on the Internet.
These pages are dedicated to my "Grandchildren".
Their parents have the responsibility of choosing what is appropriate
for them as they travel the Internet!

Family-Friendly Site

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