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Peppy, the biker babe! Vinnie, the tough guy!


2005 PugBaby Award Winners
Lil Hunka Puga

Ben and Vinnie are Puggie Proud to present the PUGBABY AWARD!!

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Dexter recently passed on to Pugbaby Heaven

Dear Pugbabies,

Dexter was a nine month old pug who was run over by a car a couple of weeks ago. His mom, Amanda is my roommate at West Virginia University along with our other friend Emily. We miss him terribly!!! He was not a good dog by any means but he was so much fun. He was stubborn and incredibly smart but he really knew how to push our buttons....he was a typical BOY!!!! Amanda has had a very hard time coping with our loss but we are welcoming a puggle into our apartment named Duncan very soon and are so excited! Thank you for reading about our Dexter!

Sincerely, Sarah

April 5, 2007

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The PugBabies have Harley in their prayers.

PugBaby Photos!!
Ben, Vinnie,and Mommy Robbie
The PugBabies Are In Disguise!!

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