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    Welcome to my place where all of my dreams come true.  I created this page to share my love of all things Victorian with you. I have always been terribly fond of old-fashioned things and was so thrilled when Victoria magazine came out in the 1980's.  I was in high school then and knowing that I wasn't the only one who was enchanted with the past set my creativity soaring.  Remember, I was just in high school! A lot has happened in my life since then.  I married the man of my dreams and gave birth to three beautiful children. I am living a life so rich from love of my family and friends and I am so grateful for these things. As my life became more and more busy it seemed that the creativity that I had when I was in high school had vanished. Well, almost 10 years later that love for all things Victorian has been rekindled.  The flame never died, I had just lost site of it, because I let the modern world whisk me away and I fell into that hurried rut that so many fall into. That flame has been getting stronger as each day passes   and I have this intense urge to share my love for Victoriana. Hence, the birth of this page.  I hope that you enjoy your stay here and that you visit me often.  Please be sure to sign my guestbook to let me know that you called and also tell me how you feel about my page.  Your opinion is very important to me, because my page has been created with loving care for you to enjoy. Take care of yourself and remember to take time to enjoy all of the riches in your life.....your family and friends. 


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