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This site offers an unique retrospective of the life of one of the greatest baseball players of all time, Mike Schmidt, Third Baseman of the Philadelphia Phillies from 1973-1989.

We have broken down this site into the years of Mike's career for easy navigation.

The individual pages contain Mike's achievements from that year, as well as a brief timeline into history.
Also included on the pages, is my Mike Schmidt want list which is listed under the Memorabilia pages in blue font. I have over 1000 different items of Mike Schmidt memorabilia and I am constantly looking for more.

Please browse through my want lists (listed in blue font on the memorabilia list). If you have any of the items I need, please contact me at mschmidt20@hotmail.com and we will try to work out a deal.

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Clearwater Threshers Updates

Please note that the link for the Clearwater Threshers updates now points to minorleaguebaseball.com. I will no longer do the Live Journal as a few misinformed people are throwing my words back at me ~ Lisa

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