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Laissez les bon temps roule! No te preocupes se feliz! (Let the good times roll! Don't worry, be happy!)
Welcome to Ted's page...We hope you have FUN while you're here. This is just good, clean fun. I usually take photos of my garden but this summer it was just too darn HOT so there was teddy... My Ted is no fancy Steiff mohair but he's soft and cuddly and I love him just the same. Teddies and humor are the best medicine, remember that! So I cordially invite you to PARTICIPATE in this interactive website.
Here's wishing you Laughter & Hugs!

Rosemary Basil
New Orleans,

Life is different in New Orleans,especially on wild and crazy Bourbon Street! As you can see, Teddies and amigos don't sit on a shelf collecting dust in The French Quarter! You gotta keep your eyes on those bears!

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A recent party honoring Josie Kreuzer, Ted's FAVORITE new singer. The Wild Amigos listened to Josie's first webradio performance and celebrated her appearance in Nashville at the famous Bluebird Cafe!

"Dancin in the Streets..."

Josie Kreuzer is a rising star out of New Orleans who plays guitar, and writes and sings rockabilly songs that sound like early Elvis or Wanda Jackson back in the 50's...
Boppin Bear's jammin with Josie!

"wildman"......................."ball that jack"

"long dark night"
Click on any one of Josie's pix to hear sound wavs from 3 different songs. Her cd,"Hot Rod Girl" is now available from Hepcat, Tower, Borders, CDNow, Amazon,Rockhouse, and many more fine retailers and this page too!
Hepcat Records 1(800)404-4117
Miles of Music 1(888)766-8742
Borders Books & Music
For bookings:
For more info and lyrics to her songs click on one of the banners below.
Fansites by Rockabilly Rose...
Josie Rocks!

Josie twangs!
Josie in Nashville with TWANGTALK chatroom & Graceland tribute...

Honey has some new amigos...

"Hi I'm TED's Honey from Castillville!"
They sure know how to party down here!

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All animals in this photo shoot were handled with care and respect.

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A farewell message from Ted:

"Remember...Teddies are not just objects to be collected on a shelf! We like to play too!"
Laissez les bon temps roule! No te preocupes se feliz!
Let the good times roll! Don't worry, be happy!
Tequila Ted Loves you!

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"Play it again, Teddy!" (TOP)

Tequila Ted fans stumbled in to his party since 8/27/98...

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"Play it again, Teddy!" (TOP)

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