One of my favorite types of fish is the siamese fighting fish. The scientific name for siamese fighting fish is Betta Splendens, hence they are often nicknamed Bettas. They are from the family anabantidae. All members of the family have an organ which allows them to breath air from above the surface of the water. This organ is called the labyrinth organ. This is why you see bettas in pet stores in small cups or glasses. Actually the main reason you see bettas in seperate homes is because male bettas are EXTREMELY terriorial. To the point that they will fight to the death if they are kept in the same tank.

Right now I just have 2 bettas. Blue is almost 3 yrs old. He does quite well for an old guy! He is brilliant blue w/lavender hues. Scarlett is 1 yr old. He is brilliant red with a personality to match. I also have 3 cats in this household. They like to drink out of the fishbowls. Amazingly, they have never made an attempt to try & get the fish. Scarlett seems to have a sort of relationship with them. When they are drinking out of bowl he comes up to the top & flutters & flutters. As if he is saying "hello hello". Blue, on the other hand, will retreat to the bottom of his bowl.

Bettas are very easy to care for. I feed mine once a day; they get Betta Bites. Every 2-3 days they get treats; dried blood worms. Well, Blue gets them more often. Because of his age I notice that he doesn't eat too well sometimes.

Bowls are cleaned once a week. I keep marbles in the bottom as they are decorative & also easy to clean. I will be putting pics of my bettas in here soon!!

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