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For the last four years I have been an avid fan of red dwarf. I have collected all of the videos, some posters, keyring, dog-tags, and at the moment my hard drive is full to bursting with hundreds of red dwarf sound files and images. I thought it was about time I shared some of these files with the rest of the universe and that is why you're reading this page.

OK, do you want to hear some decent sounds or see some decent images? You can partake of the Red Dwarf Games Night, and I also have copies of all of the scripts and a link to the 'Red Dwarf Drinking Game'.

Here's some links to other pages that are of interest:

SpiroGenic SoftwareSpiroGenic Softwares' Homepage Sound File Arranger is a great application that plays a different .wav file each time you start-up and finish windows 95! The registered version can also change the desktop image as well. Perfect for complete 'red-dwarfation' of your computer!

No Red Dwarf page is complete without a link to the 'Red Dwarf Plot Inconsistencies Project' page, so here it is.

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