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Welcome to the busy world of Stevie Scary. Why live in the mundane world when you can share mine. As you can see, I love Sci-fi and Fantasy. This page contains the best links for finding a world to share. Plus as an added Bonus, you can read my book titled "Blind Faith or Wishful Thinking?" It takes a look at the greatest mystery of all time, the creation or evolution of man. It glances into our past, peeks into our future, and scans the far reaches of the universe. So enjoy my pages and stop back as often as you like. I am just starting to build these pages, so don't judge to critical just yet.

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The Best Sci-fi Links on the Web!

The Official Babylon 5 Web Site!


The Jump Gate

The official home of STAR TREK

Star Wars - Welcome to the Official Site

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. I am a spare time writer, that as of lately has completed two books. My first book "Blind Faith or Wishful Thinking?" is about the great mysteries of time and space. "Simon Says" is my second book, a Sci-fi thriller that takes place in the not so-far future. Even though I am not openly publishing "Simon Says" on the Web, you can download "Blind Faith or Wishful Thinking?". Follow my link to its page and you can read a synopsis of my book and even download a copy for yourself. Enjoy!

Blind Faith or Wishful Thinking?

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.....If Poems are more to your liking, you're still in luck.
Just click below and you will be swept away to my Poetry Corner.

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.....If you like this page and would be interested in looking at other
pages that I am building, just follow the magical links.

Gimmicks & Gadgets: Everything's Free!

Hacking & Cracking: Everything can be Free!

.....If you want a minute or two or reality, you can give these Links a try.

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Irene's Pages (My Better Half)

Irene's Home Page, Where Pigs Can Fly!

Irene's Tribute to Disnay and Other Animation Films!

Irene's Tribute to Stephen King, the King of Horror!

Come See My Zoo! My Animal friends are waiting for you!

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Best Places to Buy Books & Movies!

Barnes & Noble Affiliate

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BigStar Affiliate

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Best Place to Buy Software!

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I am also a HUGE "Jets" fan, and have been my whole life. No band wagon fan here. So on my page it wouldn't be right if I didn't have some links to the best sports pages on the Web.

New York Jet's Club House - ESPN

New York Jet's Locker Room - NFL

ftball.gif - 2019 Bytes Jets Fan Web Page
Home of the New York Jets!

Home of the New York Jets - Official Site

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