(squee's page of rambles and crud)
[to quote Iggy Pop, i'm using technology. . .{at last, my schemes of world domination can begin to become reality, thanks to this. . .what? oh nevermind.}]

hi. i am squee. ummm. . .damn, i can't use the "this page is new & i'm, uh still working on it.." excuse anymore. aw hell, it probably will never be terribly interesting. sigh. well, there's a couple of new things. i really am trying to put up more stuff. .i am, i swear. it's late. i'm still a dork. but damn it, i'm listening to the Business right now, i'm moving out soon, and when i talk about my personal life lately i sound like a hallmark card (give or take a broken nose), so i am therefore a happy dork. fuck you, i need none of this computer society! i make friends in the actual world, thus leaving me less time to change stuff here. hell, no one looks at this page anyway. so it goes.
i'm an 18 year-old languages (german & japanese) major who reads too much & listens to oi! music a great deal.
if you find yourself wondering or interested for some reason, here is something that tells a bit about me. uh, it's got pictures, too. you gotta love pictures.
no, they're not that type.

here are some things i have written:

poems stories

sign guestbook/rant at me in a roundabout sort of way/say what you think of my written crud. you really want to do this. an extremely compulsive force is drawing you to click here.
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if you're really bored, look at my (slowly progressing) bit of punkpunkska&stuff.

if you like streetpunk/ oi! music, check out my Anti-Heros Page. i like that band. their guitarist is a good tattoo artist, too.

ooooh here's an essay i found that i did not write but which i still think is worth reading and. .. .what. . .oh. . .yeah, it's about evil. mwhahahahahahah {fiendish laughter}

there will be more here, oh yes, there will be more (be fearful).
i can be rambled at directly at ccsu0547@earthlink.net in the meantime.
return if the accident will.
[kurt vonnegut rules]

this is another squee.
this one comes from the comic book Squee, which was done by the same person who made Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.
ummm, the comic is in black & white, though, so mentally remove the checkers & colors & imagine the wonder that is this most amazing comic book.

i am told by Them that technology is a good thing. my personal experiences with the aforementioned subject remain inconclusive.

1997 ccsu0547@earthlink.net

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