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Bob Bolls, is looking for any information on his father Dillard David Bolls. He retired at the rank of colonel. His last assignment was as Base Commander at Blytheville AFB in the early 80's and passed away in Sept. 1984. Dillard Bolls did 2 tours in Vietnam. This photo he believes was from his first. He flew F105's on his first tour and returned as a wing commander (believed to be at U-Tapao) on his second.

If you have any information, please conatct Bob Bolls at
Posted 6/21/04

Looking for Patrick Andrews who served with the 355th TFW sometime around 1968 to 1970. He is thought to be from Tulsa Oklahoma. If you have any information on Patrick Andrews, please contact Tony Briner at:
Posted 3/30/04

Capt. Brett "Mirv" Herman of the 354th Fighter Squadron is looking for any historical information on the 354th Fighter Squadron. In particular, he is looking for information on Major Merlyn H. Dethlefsen's Medal of Honor mission on March 10, 1967. It is the squadron's desire to have a painting commissioned of Maj. Dethlefsen and that mission. If you have any information that you believe will be of help in getting Maj. Dethlefsen honored, please contact Capt. Herman. His e-mail address is:
Posted 3/1/99

Looking for a patch of the 42nd TEWS that had an EB-66 on it with the inscription "Damn The Sams". If you have one, contact John at:

Bob Colasuonno, son of Maj Vincent Colasuonno (KIA 2/12/69), would like to hear from anyone who served with his father. Please contact him at:

Looking for Col Jon Gardener. He flew F-105D #62-4301 from April to June 1966 out of Takhli RTAFB. Contact Ned Avejic at: navejic@NOSPAMLuc.Edu

Looking for enlisted types 18th TFW, 44th TFS, 67th TFS. Reunion, history, etc. Contact Buzz Barron at:

Any former Bitburg AB Germany personnel 1964 - 1967. Contact crew chief on F-105D #441 Tom Schmidt at:

Any one involved in the rescue attempt in an accident involving EB-66 #54-473 of the 41st TEWS on 11/17/67 at Takhli RTAFB. Also interested in contacting the 2 survivors Capt. James Stamm (EWO) and Capt. Robert Peffley (EWO). Contact Dave McDonald at: Dave is the son of Maj. William McDonald who was killed in the accident.

Looking for any information, photo's and/or personnel who were with the 421st TFS from 1943 to the present. The 421st TFS was a part of the 355th TFW from July 8, 1962 thru November 8, 1965. Jeff Kolln is putting together a history of the 421st TFS. If you have any infromation on the 421st TFS please contact Jeff Kolln at:

Looking for any information on the loss of Capt. Don Wood on 16Jan66. Also looking for Maj Lowell E. Shearer FR27038, Maj James H. Caldwell FR20136, Capt John C. Gordon FV3103088, and Capt John G. Ahearne FV3058214 who were "OLDS 1" thru "OLDS 4" on the mission in which Capt Don Wood was lost. If you have any information on this incidemt please contact Bob Jacobs at:

If you are a looking for a former member of, or information about the 355th Tactical Fighter Wing and wish to have your inquiry included on this list, please e-mail me at and I will be glad to add it to the list.

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