For Sale: 1992 SVX
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Please Note:  Now that you have made it here by whatever means - welcome!    As of Dec. 11, 1998 my SVX is for sale. You can call with questions or just click here to mail to  
SVX Links and pricing information on other SVXs for sale is in the Totally Cool Features Page. The car is in York, PA. but you can come from anywhere to get it!

My 1992 Subaru SVX is for sale. Since the SVX is a very special car and was never produced in large quantities, I thought prospective buyers might like to get some detailed info on the cars in general, and mine in particular.

This document will answer many of your questions and perhaps make you think of some more. Don't hesistate to contact me with them.
Curtis Crowe
Red Lion, PA
717-244-9536 (home)
717-843-5833 (work)
Blue Book Value $10,600
Price:  $8,700 firm
Quick Overview:
Color:  Metallic Green (Dark Green with highlight colors in the paint)
Engine:  230 HP horizontally opposed 6 cyl with 84,000 miles
Drivetrain:  Full time all wheel drive
Transmission:  4 speed automatic with power shift mode
Brakes:  4 wheel disk, with ABS
Style:  Coupe (two door).  Unique "Window in Window" design.
Interior:  Suede and leather trim.  Automatic climate control.   AM/FM cassette. Power windows, locks, alarm, keyless entry.
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