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Piggy with Mustache "Mr. Big Stuff"

Hi!  My name is Hamlet and I live in South Carolina.   One day, about seven years ago, my mom and dad were walking through the flea market and happened upon a cardboard box containing two little piggies.   One was black (me) and one was white (my sister).   Well, mom and dad held each of us and smiled and oohhhed and aahhhed for a while, and then they put us back in the box and went on.   About an hour later, they came back.   They said something about not having done anything real stupid in a long time, and decided to take me home.

Hamlet Sleeping 1 Hamlet Sleeping 2

This is me at six months old. My Chihuahua dog sister, Poovie, had this great bed that I just couldn't seem to fit into. But, after breaking out the bottom, I fit just fine.  My dad has since made me my own customized twin size bed with all the soft, warm blankies a guy could want.

Since that first day, through a lot of trial and error, I've educated my family on the proper way to take care of me.   I'm no longer that cute little piggy they brought home.   I'm not as loveable and am now 310 pounds of
pure muscle, and I know how to use it!   I am often referred to as
"Dammit Hammit," and I just don't understand why.
I'm just a guy who wants to have fun!

Hamlet opening Christmas gift
This is me opening my Christmas
present from my girlfriend, Smudge.

Hamlet in the Buff
This is me trying to catch some rays.

My Mom, Carolina
This is my mom, Carolina.

Me and Dad
Me and my dad,
doing what we do best.

I wanted to make sure that everyone knew who my mom was,
so I bought her this special license plate for her truck for Christmas.
This also helps remind her of her number one responsibility . . . me!

License Plate

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