How to Draw an Echidna
Learn to draw an ECHIDNA

This funny little fellow, round as a ball of twine,
Looking like a pincushion, or a porcupine,
Is really an ECHIDNA, though many think it neater
To call him by the title of Australian ANT-EATER

If you feel you'd like to draw him, but can't think how to begins
You only have to sketch a plate and fill it full of pins,
His taste in food is rather odd, or so it seems to me,
For all he eats is lots of ants for breakfast, lunch and tea.

Now ants are often hard to catch, or so I should suppose,
But not for this Echidna, who can find them with him nose,
So draw him a long one that will hide his sticky tongue
That's just ideal for snaring ants, old ones as well as young.

For ants that hid beneath the earth and think it safer there
Echidna's claws are strong and sharp to dig and lay them bare.
So draw his claws; then let him go in search of nests and ants
And watch the way he links them up with speed and elegance

Source unknown.

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