Hello, and welcome to PetWeb: my pets page. rose
This is the page where I'm going to talk about, and put pictures of my pets. I also intend to put some useful information, links, etc up here... I'd feel guilty about using up webspace if I didn't. :-)

Still a little patchy, but there's a fair bit of stuff here now. I'll attempt to work on this a little more often from now on.


greencatPets and Plants My contribution to the wealth of information on the net. bridgeA Tribute to those gone but never forgotten. Under construction.

dawgPet Health Tips on pet health and first aid. Under construction. curled cat Pet Names Names I've collected from books I've read, the net, name books, and so on. Updated.

catMy Cats Kaleidoscope (Kally) and Desdemona (Dizzy). dog My Dogs Shadow, Kuma, Savannah, and Domino. Updated(but still under construction).

snailOther Pets Snakes and snails (Postal and babies) and whatever other critters I may end up with. lizardReptiles and Amphibians Info, caresheets, and stuff like that.

dog sittingTerrarium Project A step by step of the building of my terrarium/vivarium. art catLinks My pet related links. Updated

another catWebrings The webrings I belong to. dog with pen Updates Check and see if anything's changed since your last visit.

mailbox Mail MeSend me comments, questions, or whatever.

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