Hi and Welcome to Truckers.com! My name is Rick and I would like to thank my wife, Carol, for creating and designing this web site for me and all of the other truckers out there. I hope I am getting as many non-truckers reading this as truckers. All opinions will be appreciated wheather negative or positive, so do not hesitate to email me with your gripes (and I know you have them!), safety tips, pet peeves, or maybe you have a joke or two you would like to share (just keep it clean!).

Now it's time to hear some comments from me!

The first thing I would like to talk about does not pertain to trucking but the internet. Why are there so many kids in the "Adult" chatrooms, kids 12 or younger and guess what they are talking about????? If you said sex, you are right! Don't you parents monitor where your children go on the internet? There are parental controls!


By now, most of you have seen the no-zone trailers that a lot of companies are pulling, but did you pay attention to the message? You see, even with the new truck designs and the added mirrors we have put on our trucks we still have "blind spots", so if you must get into one of these spots please get out of it as safely and as fast as you can.

Did you know that it could take us five times the stoping distance to stop as it does a four-wheeler. You see we might have 80,000 lbs. on our truck, so please do not pull in front of our truck pulling up to a stop sign or traffic light.

When I pull over to let you on the freeway or tollway, don't race me! Let me get in front of you safely. After all I was nice enough to let you get on, can't you be nice enough to let me get in front of you? Then if you want to run faster you can jump out in the other lane and pass me.

Did you know that if we blow a tire when you are beside us it could do a considerable amount of damage to your vehicle, it could even injure or kill you!

Whenever you see our turn signel on, please allow us the room we need weather it is a turn or changing lanes, but don't challange us!


What if we all refuse to unload or hire a lumper? What do you think would happen???

How about the next time we boycott Ohio we stay off the greenstamp?

Have you ever thought what would happen if you blew a steer tire with the hammer down?


Did you know that according to the National Safety Council that a driver will become more fatiqued at 55 miles an hour then he will at 65 mph?

Did you know that states with duel speed limits have more accidents then states with single speed limits?

Did you know that most vehicles will get better fuel milage at 65 mph then at 55 mph?

Do you know how much taxes you would get by checking out lumpers to see if they are paying there fair share of taxes? (Most lumpers charge between $75 to $200 per truck, they don't give us their right SS#, but they can do 3 to 4 trucks a day, but not only that most are drawing either Workman's Comp., unemployment, welfare or SSI).

That's it for now. I will get back to you later and update these comments according to what YOU email me or I learn from my travels. Now please enjoy the rest of this page and don't forget to take a minute of your time and sign my guestbook.


THIS IS 8061 IN ALL HER GLORY! Rick has been driving for Westside Transportation out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa since 1995. 8061 is his 3rd truck. He got 8061 when his old truck, a Freightline Combo, decided it was time to go to that big truck stop in the sky! 8061 is a Freightliner Century Condo, a good tractor and very comfortable. I went with her, and Rick, in March of 1999 when we toured Texas and the Southeastern U.S. Rick's first truck with Westside was a Flat-top International.

This is Rick fueling 8061.
She does like her diesel! Of Course her driver likes his beer, watching wrestling on TV, The Chicago White Sox, The Chicago Cubs, The Green Bay Packers, gardening, model trains and his wife! Not necessarily in that order!

This is some of the drivers for Westside waiting for their tractors to be serviced. They are all terrific guys who told me their motto was "Hurry Up And Wait".

This is Rick's brother Chuck. He drives for Andrus Transportation out of St. George, Utah. Chuck's wife, Sandy, has a site you should go see.

You can visit Sandy here!

Chuck started driving for Andrus in July of 1995 and is a driver trainer for them. His truck is #623 and is a International with Prosleeper. He will be found mostly in 11 western states but has been known to show up in New York! He collects Star Wars things and loves M.A.S.H.!

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions on how to make this site "trucker friendly" or things you'd like to see - Let me know!

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