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If you need something, let others know. If you have something to offer, let others know. The Band Booster Community Network is a great place to have fun, to learn and to help each other. Ask for what you want. When you do, you increase your chances of getting it by over 100%. Use our Message board to communicate with each other.
Tell others what you need or give them details about what you have to offer.
Good Luck and Good Networking.

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  • Association of Fundraising Professionals

  • Grass Roots fundraising Journal

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  • Sports Fundraising Directory

  • Fund$Raiser Cyberzine: Online Fundraiser Magazine

  • The Band Booster Web Ring

  • Complete How-To Fundraising Guides for the Fundraiser

  • National Booster club Association

  • The Ten Most Important Things You Can Know About Fundraising

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  • All proceeds generated from these programs
    will be donated to one or more of the charitable organizations listed at the bottom of this page

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    "For two decades, the Tibet Fund has worked closely with our Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamsala to understand the priorities of the Tibetan Community. With the aid of the Tibet Fund, our people have built schools, homes for the elderly and other refugees in the settlements. The Fund has also enabled us to create programs essential to the preservation of our cultural heritage, the very seed of our civilization"
    - His Holiness teh Dalai Lama

    At the request of indigenous peoples and grassroots organizations, Global Response organizes urgent international letter campaigns to help communities prevent many kinds of environmental destruction. You can help Global Response protect the planet's most endangered indigenous cultures, ecosystems, and wildlife. Join our growing network of over 6000 Global Response members around the world and we'll send you all you need to be active in our letter–writing campaigns. Membership is free. Check us out.

    Based on the firm belief that a compassionate global community is possible, Seva Foundation partners with communities in India, Nepal, Tibet, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Mexico, and Guatemala as well as Native American peoples to reduce suffering and improve quality of life while honoring cultural beliefs and traditions. Through Seva you can reach out to others in compassionate service. Your act of caring is the heart of our work.

    Looking for a way to make the world more sustainable? Wondering how you can make a difference? Across the globe, Heifer donors, volunteers, staff and project partners strive daily to build communities, distribute resources fairly, improve access to education and preserve our environment. Together, we can learn why our lifestyle choices make such a difference in developing countries. And together, we can launch a global movement of people taking action to end hunger and create sustainable communities around the world. But,it can’t happen without you.

    HELP tsunami victims through
    Seva's South Asia Emergency Fund

    Click here


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