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The Wonderful World of the Cat Fancy

"Seasons of Love"
by Jonathan Larson
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Welcome to Grenouille Cattery's Homepage!
Four and Arigato
These two kittens were from our first litter, born March 17, 1977.
Arigato Akai on the left is a red tabby and white female,
Grand Prix, called "Four" on the right is a brown tabby and white Harlequin.
He was the first Grenouille Grand Champion!
Please enjoy your visit and have fun learning about
purebred cats , Japanese Bobtails, and the Cat Fancy!

Welcoming Cat

The statues that grace this page are usually called  "Fortune Cats",  "Happy Cats", or "Beckoning Cats".   In Japan, the Beckoning Cat is called the Maneki-Neko. This cat, long long ago, stood in the door of the Gotoku-ji temple and raised her paw in the traditional Japanese beckoning gesture to a feudal lord who was passing by.  The feudal lord followed the cat into the temple and instantly, a lightning bolt struck the place where the lord had been standing.  Thus the cat had saved his life.  From then on, the maneki-neko was considered an incarnation of the Goddess of Mercy. The Gotoku-ji Temple now houses dozens of statues of this Cat, and owners of lost or sick cats stick up prayer boards with the image of the Beckoning Cat in this temple.  In business the maneki-neko is said to bring success. This is because her raised paw beckons in customers. It also welcomes in personal happiness and harmony.  A black Beckoning Cat brings health, while a gold one, which is quite rare, brings in riches. 
Beckoning Cats are often sold as coin banks and in your house they are supposed to beckon in good friends.
Welcome, Kon'nichi Wa!

Japanese Bobtails
The Fancy
Please e-mail Barb if there's anything about the Cat Fancy, Cat Shows,
Cat Colour Genetics, or Japanese Bobtails that you'd like to discuss.
Come back soon and visit me, or surf over to visit all the Grenouille Photo Gallery!
Cdn, Eh?
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