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HOCK: Pony Association

Dedicated to ponies, the HOCK: Pony Association is an organization, in which the members enter pony shows, contests, games, have the chance to breed their ponies to those of fellow members and such. 2 special features in this page are the bulletin board (not yet set up) and the chat room. Designed for members to post suggestions or anything concerning ponies or this association, it is to be hoped that this feature would help to improve this association. All members are welcome to post tips as well regarding all aspects of pony or horse care, and even on riding, on the board so as to improve the members' knowledge in these areas. The chat room has been added to enable a means of easy communication, especially when there is a group contest, where group members would have to work together to answer or solve the questions or challenges posed. All members would be divided into groups of 3, 4 or 6, based on their ratings (Equal number from A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, D1 and D2) to ensure equal ability of every group. All members are encouraged to participate actively in activities organized by the HPA, for it is guaranteed that all who take this advice would find that they would have an enjoyable time in the HPA, and at the same time learn more about all horses in general.

What are ponies?

Broadly speaking, a pony is a small horse, generally no higher at the withers than about 14.2 hands. On the other hand, not all small horses can be classified as ponies. For instance, Arab horses usually stand below 15 hands, but they are horses for they have horses' characteristics and proportions. But a small Thoroughbred is definitely not a pony, while the Caspian, though classed as a pony, resembles a miniature horse. True ponies have distinct characteristics, inclusive of a proportionately short leg length in relation to their body's depth. The best examples of ponies are probably the Mountain and the Moorland breeds of Britain and Ireland. These ponies, now divided into 9 clear breeds, possess surprising strength when we take into their consideration their size. Shaped by a tough environment, they are mostly strong, sure-footed, able to endure hunger and thirst, and have good judgements, which cannot be said of the majority of their larger cousins.

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