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Husted Genealogy
#1:England--John through Robert
#2:America--Robert through Joel
#3:Joel through Paul

Links to Other Husteds on the Web
Husted.com is a website host, computer support center, and the location of Shirley Cox Husted's genealogy
The Gene Pool is a good genealogy site, and apparently run by a cousin! ;-)

Allied Families
Brower Buckalew Butler Camp Cobb Eldredge Hall Hoffman Izard Jerrell Lore Marshall Miller Newcomb Prout Richardson Shepherd Sherwood Smithwho doesn't have one? Socwell Stratton Swain West

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Husted Family Photographs
Here come the family. Warning: they aren't all as beautiful as I am, so wear your sunglasses.

We're always researching, and I'm always looking for new ways to improve this site.

Last updated September 21, 1997

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