Or as Amanda calls it,

"Six Acre Ranch"!

We are the Barton family of Alaska.
We live on a mini farm in Wasilla,
which is in the Mat-Su Valley.
Along with the required horses
(we have six at the moment)
there are 2 sheep,rabbits, turkeys,
geese, chickens, and mini ducks.
In the house, or there abouts, are
4 dogs, 2 cats, 4 cockateils, and 2 parakeets.
Now added to the list, a new kitten has arrived.
"Little Bit" was abandoned under a friend's porch,
and now resides on my lap most of the time.
He jumps the cat total up to 3.

Though this picture was taken 5 yrs.
ago and two of the horses are no longer with us,
it is still a favorite of mine.
At the time this picture was taken,
Amanda was (7) & Prince(32),
Sean(11)& Midnight(29),
Keith(13) & Shotgun(31).
Prince passed away the next year,
Midnight is giving pleasure to another young child,
and Shotgun, at the age of 36, is still in the backyard.

In Alaska, the weather is a daily topic of
conversation and consideration.
This is true in the summer as well as the winter,
so to make it easier for you to see
what our weather is like on any given day,
I have added this weather site.

Click for Wasilla, Alaska Forecast

Be sure to check out our other pages,
and we hope you will enjoy visiting with our family

Our Family Album
Our Horses
Our Alaska


A Pet Page, 4-H Page, and who knows what else.
Keep watching!

Visit a few of my favorite places!

Lazy D Farm
Li'l of Everything 4-H Club
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Drop into my chat room and see who is visiting. I would love to talk.

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The Barton Family

Thank you for coming back to visit.
Please come back and visit us regularly,
as we will change often as I learn more
about the fun of building a webpage.

Look for "Charlie" on all of our pages,
and He will lead you back.

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