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"The Dance"

Here are some pictures of my family. Some dated & some recent.

Our House & Family

I am a 60+ year old handicapped widow with 3 children. I was put on oxygen June 1999. Have to use it constantly, as my lungs are gone from all the pnuemonia & bronchitis I have had during my lifetime (or thats what the dr.'s tell me). I can't leave this house except to go to the dr. So I really do enjoy having this computer to work with, although I can't spend as much time on it, as I did before I got sick. Before I was on here anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a day, now I'm lucky if I can be on it for 2 or 3 hours a day, as I get so short of breath. But I have found some new cousins with this wonderful machine, from them finding my pages or having someone else finding them & telling them about them. I want to thank everyone that visits here and passes the information on to your friends and family. My 40 year old truck driver son and 18 year old daughter live at home with me. My 43 year old son lived in Kansas City, MO (this son passed away July 3, 2000 from a heart attact). I have lived my entire life in the state of Illinois. Please don't hold that against me. *S*

I love working on the computer, even though I am not very literate. I use it for personal things, love being on-line surfing for trucking, or genealogy links, or chatting in the nice trucking chat rooms. I have met some very nice people in the chat rooms. One in particular is responsible for me trying to do this. Her name is Flaglady!!

I have been working on our family tree for the past 20 years or so. Some of the surnames we have found so far are: Clair, Kells, Scranton, Beckman, Goewey, Poor (Poore), Heavener, Rouse, Jones, Phillips, Grammer, Newman, Tadlock, Skirvin.

Below are the earliest names & dates of the ancestors I have found:

Benjamin Clair b: 1794 in PA - d: 1876 - married Oct. 16, 1814 to Catherine Shupe b: Nov. 24, 1802 in Westmoreland Cty., PA

Robert Kells b: March 3, 1699 - d: April 9, 1805 married Elizabeth Lawrence b: About 1714

Richard Kells b: Aug. 12, 1829 in Bally Heady Cty., Cavan, Ireland - d: Aug 07, 1881 in Mendon, IL, married Martha Clair b: 1849 - d: 1910 in Mendon, IL

Charles Beckman b: Feb. 22, 1865 near Philadelphia, PA (was an orphan) married Margaret Emma Scranton b: July 27, 1873 d: May 17, 1962

David Scranton b: 1790 in KY, married Mar., 1813 in KY to Priscella ? b: 1793 in KY

Solomon P. Goewey b: Mar. 23, 1793 in Wayne Cty., NY or PA d: Aug. 28, 1853, married Alida M. Rouse.

James. H. Poor (Poore) married Margaret ?

Oliver Heavener married Sarah ?

Edward D. Jones b: Monroe Cty., VA married Susannah Painter b: Shenandoah Valley, VA

William M. Phillips married Mary ?

Joseph Grammer married Martha Ann Plorson (not sure of spelling of her last name) This information from their son, David's marriage certificate in Hardin, IL

John Henry Newman b: July 20, 1881 d: Aug. 24, 1909

George Skirvin (1600?) married Janet Paton

Joseph Tadlock b: 1846 d: Dec. 07, 1893 married Hetha Skirvin b: April 26, 1860

If anyone can add any information to any of these names, it will be greatly appreciated. The names of some nice people that have contributed to the building of these family trees are:

Alice Kells; Sharon Honey; Debbie Haught; Linda Mauldin; Diane Goldenetz; Douglas Lott; Becky Rose; Daryl Herron; Shirley Kurtzroc; Dorothy Skirvin Plaisted; Carl W. Scranton; Naomi Lawrence; Jeanne Brightman; Denise Ellis; Chi Chi Mills; Bill Smothers; Ray Burgess; Theresa Skirvin.

If I have missed anyone, please contact me, so I can give you the credit you so richly deserve. If I have not thanked you all before, I publicly thank you now!!!!!

We do have family carry-in dinners for some of the names listed above. If you would like more information on any of them, please contact me. Below is a list of the names and dates:

Grammer: Second (2nd) Saturday in April.
Tadlock: June, date changes.
Goewey: Second (2nd) Sunday in July.
Kells: July, date changes.

I want to thank another one of my good friends from the chat rooms, Marty (Sparks) Hinkle, for giving me the title for my page.

Drop me a line.

© 1997



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