The kids of the 1950's and early 1960's were treated to something special on those lazy childhood Saturday afternoons of long ago. And that was the matinee Sci-Fi ''B'' movies.

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Lately we've been getting a lot of mail from
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We really don't have time to hunt down movies for you.

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Those wonderful old "B" movies from the fifties. You've seen them on the late show. You've laughed at the horrible special effects. The plotlines have left you scratching your head. But you've got to admit, they're a hell of a lot of fun if you don't take them seriously.

Although the 50's came to an end bad Sci-Fi "B" movies didn't. They still produce them to this day and we still watch them. So here, for better or worse, we tell you what we think of the ones we've seen from the 50's to the present. Both Horror and Sci-Fi.

We put up at least two reviews per week, usually more. So check back often.



Check out the Original Site. This was the first site we put up back in 1998. Around 100 quickie reviews on 50's Sci-Fi "B" movies. We haven't updated it for a couple of years and probably won't.



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