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Are you a fan of Darcy DeMoss? So am I. You have come to the right place if you want to find some pictures and information about her. Who is Darcy DeMoss you ask? First of all, it is not me! This is a website that is a tribute to Darcy. She's an actress that has been in a few notable movies, but not in the female lead. Do "Can't Buy Me Love", "For Keeps", "Friday the 13th part 6" ring any bells?

Darcy has spent much of her time becoming your quintessential B-movie actress, her roles include getting killed, beat up, and/or naked. And believe me when I say she is very attractive. Okay, maybe her movies don't put her in line for an Oscar, but I think she's gorgeous and talented so I'm dedicating a fan page to her.

The available information on Darcy isn't exactly plentiful, so this page has been painfully slow in developing. Have a look around and sign the guestbook and tell everyone what your favorite Darcy movie is. You may also want to click the link a little farther down and join the mail list. You can tell everybody any news or stories you have about her.

If you have any info or pictures of Darcy mail me.

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site last updated February 10, 2005

Darcy has kept herself busy in her new career as a nature photographer. She is coming out with a book soon, and I will post information about it when I have it. Also, she has recently appeared in the independent film "Starcrossed". I don't really know much about the movie other than it's about a homosexual couple.

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