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Leonardo has just signed a contract for the movie 'The Beach', in which he is a rootless traveler who is given a map to paradise by a mad man.
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I am happy to say Leonardo DiCaprio World is re-done and better than ever. With new features including interviews, new image pages and much more. Thank you for visiting, come back soon for more updates!
Movie Releases
ATTENTION!One new announcement...There is a movie available for you called, 'Hanging With Leo', it has a few paparazzi shots of him and the premieres of all of his movies. Enjoy it in your own home today! TITANIC AND MARVIN'S ROOM--I am happy to say that two of Leonardo's movies are now available for you to enjoy in your own home. 'Marvin's Room' and 'Titanic' are both AVAILABLE!
Leo visits paralyzed gymnast
Leonardo DiCaprio recently visited paralyzed gymnast Sang Lan. Sang was paralyzed during routine warm-up vault at the Good Will Games on July 21. Her only wish was to meet Mr. DiCaprio. So late one night there was a young man covering his face with a black Nike cap and all black clothes queitly rushing to the hospital. "I have never known Leo to do anything that didn't come right from his heart." said 'Celebrity' producer Jon Landau. The visit put a huge smile on a tiny gymnast's face.






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