Welcome to my humble website. Inside you will find:

  • The original manuscript of the Big Book.
  • A page dedicated to the Newsgroup alt.discuss.recovery.
  • Links to other recovery websites.
  • My collection of over 250 recovery related graphics

As of August 13, 1998, check out the following:

  • The graphics are now displayed individually.
  • More personal stories added.

As of February 15, 1999, more graphics added in a "New & Unsorted" area, a poem "10 AA's, and an additional personal story of recovery have been added. Will be adding about 50 more graphics in the near future so "Keep Coming Back" !!!

2/28/99...Graphics Section has been closed due some copyright violations. Sorry !! If you are looking for recovery related graphics, email me and I'll forward the links to you!!!

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Awarded on January 29,1999

Awarded on May 21,1999

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