Welcome to the home of Phillip Thomas AKA Phil32valveSVT on IRC

Club DSM and Extreme Motorsports.

Brian Sanford's 95 Talon TSI AKA High_Psi on IRC

How to install a Griffin intercooler on a 2G.

How to install a 16G on a 2G for under $700.

Should you go with a 20g or Garrett for your next upgrade?

Pics and info on my 1g headswap!

My page on my FWD that went 12.28 @ 116

Information on my custom exhaust setup.

Information on my custom guages.

My old GSX and the Mods.

This is my new car and start of my new web page! E-mail me with your comments.

Updates: 09-05-99

New Mods:

Current Milage:

Exhaust Mods:
DriveTrain Mods
Ford Motorsports 4:10.1 ring and pinion Pro 5.0 Shifter

Intake Mods
Engine Mods
March Underdrive Pullies

Suspension Mods:

Misc Mods:
What's next:

Here is a pic of Michelle and I."

Another pic of Michelle.

Can you guess who?

To see some times of other fast Eclipses, Talons, and Galants check out Heck Consulting. To see some Cobras check out this Mustang Site.Here are a few pics of my car.

Check out some other Extreme Rides.

Here is all of my pics from this page.

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