Welcome to all who come by. I hope you enjoy
your walk with me as we learn more about this
wonderful creature,the Wolf
And the dangers he faces with Man,and how we can save him.
You will find links as you go to other wolf sites
and information on some of the horrors he faces
and what you can to do to help.
All I ask is that all come in peace and leave with
peace and love in their hearts, not only for every living
creature but also for my brothers and sisters the Wolf.

As always...with love....Spirit/LadyWolf/sungmanitutanka ska.

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Visit RedWolf Here. This is a beautiful site.
You will find tons of information on the Wolf and Native American,
And many links with further information to follow.

This site is dedicated to saving the Wolf and also two very
special wolves that have shared my life in the past and present.

In loving Memory of Bo.
Though our time together was short
it was one filled with love and honor.
Your always in my heart and thoughts

To Spirit
She is a beautiful creature. Filled with all the gentleness
and patience of a true Alpha Female.
I thank her for letting me share her life.
With Love always....LadyWolf/sungmanitutanka ska.

A Proud Member Of

Women Of Strength & Inner Beauty

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