This page is dedicated to educating people on the rights of animals!

Animal Rights is a controversial topic for most. To many there are no right or wrong answer there are simply a series of grays. Some believe animals should have the same exact rights as humans; others believe that animals were simply put here for us to use as we please.

The question is do animals feel pain? Do they suffer? Do they deserve to be treated with respect? After looking at the subjects on my page I hope that you will be able to answer these questions better.
Remember: "Animals do not have a voice, so we must give them ours."

How many animals do we kill?
7,000,000,000 Every Year
19,000,000 Every Day
792,000 Every Hour
13,200 Every Minute
Go vegetarian! You can make a difference!

Apply for Bailey's Pick of the Litter Award
Why Go Veggie?

Companion Animals
Companies That Use Animals 800 numbers
Procter and Gamble
Please read about and support my Stop The Cruelty Campaign
The Cruelties of Turkey Farms
Think Again About your Dinner
Inside the Slaughter House
The Animal Rights Web RingTo submit your site please fill in the form on the Web Ring homepage
Please visit my Animal Rights Message Board and feel free to share your thoughts
Animal Rights Poetry Corner
10 Things You Can Do To Help Animals
For News concerning animals and the environment
See the Web Rings I belong to.
A list of Famous Vegetarians
To see the cruelty of Experimentation
Go inside the Horror of Factory Farms
A List of Animal Interest Groups
My collection of Animal Rights Quotes
Campaigns against the Circus
To learn about the Cruelty of the Fur Coat Industry
A list of Animal Based Ingredients
A collection of Animal Rights Books
The Animal's Bill of Rights
The Declaration of The Rights of Animals
Eating For Life: Reasons to Become a Vegetarian
Making a Difference


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I do not claim to be the creator of these images. Some of these pictures are courtesy of the Humane Society of the United States. Some of the information is provided by PETA.

© 1998 Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions regarding animal rights or anything else.


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