Brought together by a common dream, Rictor and Shatterstar quickly entered into the most ambiguous relationship in the Marvel X-Books.  Hinted at being more than mere friends, Marvel says they're not together.  So where does the truth lie?


updated 07 March 2001

 Some stories and art on this page contain situations of an adult nature. These stories and pictures will be clearly marked. As Julio and Gaveedra are decided male, this means this page contains Slash, a form of fanfiction the deals with the relationships between same sex couples. If this bothers you or if you are underage, go find yourself another page and leave me alone, okay? Thanks.  Also, doing the math might lead some people to believe Julio is a mere 16.  Since Marvel seems to rely on bad crack when it comes to ages, for the sake of argument, he's 18.  Going on 30, according to the way Marvel draws him these days.


This page was created on 2 May 2000. All characters mentioned belong to Marvel Comics.  They are used without permission. All opinions stated here do not reflect those of their creators. They reflect the opinions of me, Tangerine. I am far too poor to sue so please don't. I love these guys. That is why I do this. I might also be a fangirl.

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