The Heart Still Sees

Oh Great Grandfather who hears my cries
Of ancestral pain echoing without physical sound
What is this tragedy that has befallen Mother Earth
Where once was greatness ...
     Now stands buildings covering her ground

Where once the wind whispered to the trees and the flowers
The rivers answering with rushing voices, soft yet loud
And the animals laughed and played as brothers
Fewer than before ... scared
     Where once they were many, spirits proud

I look to the sky, Grandfather, but no longer see
The sun is blotted out and all is in hiding
Towers of concrete and steel obliterate everything
And what isn't covered soon will be ...
     As soon as the many finish deciding

Oh Great Grandfather, my heart is heavy
For it feels the remembrance, 500 years of strife
It beats in anxious silence and waiting
For a return ... a replenishment of self
     Back to an earlier way of life

Where there were no great buildings to scar Mother Earth
And life was sacred be it animal or man
Filthy air replaced once again by cleanness
And all things being made possible ...
     Simply by believing one can

I look to the sky, Grandfather, in hopes of seeing
The sun hidden only by clouds gently wafting by
And all the noises of the cities replaced
By crockery being set upon an open fire ...
     Or a wolf's lonely cry

I thank you, Grandfather, at least for
Eyes seeing beyond obvious present
And a heart that may beat in the now
But beats for a time long past ...
     More pleasant

Where once we were free
     Now ...
          Only the heart can see

                                      Dark Storm
copyright 1993

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