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Below you can find out more about me. I´m specialising in collecting models of gaited breeds. You can view my favourites at the ASB &. TWH pages. Some models are available for sire and dam. Have a look at the s/d list.

Please also visit the homepage of my Saddlery to order great quality tack for all sizes of model horses, tack kits and soon my new book on tack making.

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                           MY FAVORITE ME           

I´m 25 now (and my next bithday is at the 28th November, so feel free to send congratulations, presents, horses, etc.!) and I´m still playing with plastic horsies.
And I enjoy it!

But sometimes I´m also leading a normal life. I love to read Fantasy novels, sew historic clothes, visit London and drink beer (how shocking!). Have a look at the homepage of my sister to see some pix of us in historic costumes.
And I love to play with rats. On the right picture above this text you can see my truly and forever beloved Pugsley, who died in spring 1998 aged 3. Now that also my third and last rat Rizzo has passed away in 1999 I´m left in this house, only surrounded by nut animals like our Dandy Dinmont Terrier Queeny, the terror terrier (also known as "der dicke Möppel") and Mimi, the striped pyjama cat.
But - believe me - no pet is as good as a rat!

Meat is murder!

I´m a vegetarian. 4 years ago I was working in a company situated near a slaughterhouse. Every day I watched the transports with cattle and pigs pass by my window and come back empty. I couldn´t stand it any more to be one of the reasons why these poor creatures were being killed! I haven´t touched nor eaten any kind of meat ever since and I´m proud of it! Here in Germany we have a wonderful range of non-meat products that taste like meat, but are made from soya or tofu. I can still enjoy BBQ or eat Chili (con soya). I buy vegetarian burgers and Schnitzel. It tastes much better if you know that no animal had to suffer for your food! I still eat eggs and milk, but I know where it comes from. No chicken has to suffer in a cage as small as a sheet of paper for my egg! The farm that supplies us with eggs is not far away from our home and you can see the chicken running around free on the yard.

Think about your food!

The rest of my life? Or: about diggin´ in the dirt.

The best thing I ever did in my life so far, was aborting my useless studies for becoming a primary school teacher.
I decided to give in to my fate and startet studying archeology - that´s what I always wanted to do.
Now I even enjoy getting up in the morning, because I know I can spend the day at the Westfälische Wilhelms Universität in Münster, studying something that means everything to me.

Model Horses?

I´ve been collecting modelhorses for 12 years now. I was brought to the hobby by my little sister, Christina (22 years now). She discovered an ad of a german modelhorse mailorder in a real horse mag and ordered the catalog. From that point of time I was trapped. Someday I´ll end up surrounded by thousands of plastic models forcing me to buy more and more...

My first model was Breyer # 704 the bay Tennessee Walking Horse. This was the beginning of a great love. While I used to collect every model that I liked in the beginning, I´m now concentrating on gathering models of american gaited horses, like the TWH, Saddlebreds, Missouri Foxtrotter and Walking Ponies.

Ruining my eyes for fun

On to tack: I started with making tack soon after I began collecting. So I´ve got a lot of experience now. Especially, I enjoy making harnesses. These are my speciality. And, of course, tack for gaited breeds.
I´m trying to improve my work with every piece I make and am always looking for new inspiration.

I´d be happy if some other gaited breeds collecting people could write to me just to chat a bit and exchange experiences.

Thanks for reading the interesting story of my life,


My beloved Olaf and me in our real big pool.

Some more photos:

That´s me on a terrible toilette in
Chawton / England (the
hometown of my heroin Jane
I survived it!

Olaf, my boyfriend, the beaster, evil
one-a. He runs the Thrashcan Fanzine, which you should check out, if
you like metal music.

My sister Christina in a cool shop in Brighton / England. Don´t forget to check out her online catalog for historic and gothic fashion: Nehelenia Designs!

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(...and don´t eat meat anyway. Slaughter is slaughter!
It´s not more terrible to kill a horse than a cow or a pig!)
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