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Message from kAYiE (original webmistress):
Don't worry! this is still the page u've always been visiting: Hom-lee Place! hehe.. right, let's update ourselves with changes on this page shall we? 1st of all, I've reformatted the look of this page so that it looks "fresher" and I've decided that the Postcard Service should go... since I think the pictures from the Galleries page were not original enough, I removed it as well, and as for the Articles section, I guess u all shall have to stick to the old articles.. neither Karen nor I will be updating it anymore.. it's difficult to update news u know! For 1, Kayie doesn't have all the time in the world!!! I've changed this page into "all-icq" now, since I think only the ICQ list is the most active activity (?) on this site... please refer to Karen if u wanna get added.. and if u're in a mood of spending money... well, on Lee-hom that is, please visit the newly-setup for sale section... I've tapes and cassettes to sell! and and and.. yeah, couldn't manage to update this page on 17-10 cause of exams.. congrats Hom-lee Place for 1 year and 2 months of existance!!! 13<12>1999

Message from Karen (NEW webmistress):
Hiya people! That xtra person who's workin on this kewl page is MOI! LoL *grand intro huh?* So, I'm Karen and I'd be glad to talk to all the Lee Hom fans out there. I also maintain a mailing list with so far more than 50 members! If you'd like to join email me. I look forward to meeting you guyz! And ya know what? I heard that Lee Hom bookmarkz websites that he likes of himself!(wut a cutie!) So leave a mark here, and hey ya never know!! =P 14<12>99

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