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The Finest Girls in Japanese Animation

Due to school, I won't be able to add some anime girls for awhile , that's why I am looking for a partner to add to this site. If you are interested email me!!

Welcome! This site is dedicated to some of the finest girls ever drawn! Here, I have ranked each character by several traits that each of them have. I only put in the characters from shows or movies that I have already watched, and not read from other sites for information on the character. I feel that is dishonest, and probably wrong, since some sites use recycled information for their sites.

I know there is not a lot of choices, but I will add more in the future! If you can help me, please do! I need the picture of any of the girls in either Dark Side Blues or Star Hand Kid

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Most of the images are not my own, because it's really difficult to find some of these pictures from cards and stuff. Mostly because some of the animation here is not so popular as others. Therefore, the merchandise distribution is less where I live. And most of the images here were taken from this site

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