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  • Welcome To my dedication to the world's most watched Soap Opera "The Bold & The Beautiful".The episodes aired in India are 4 years behind the ones aired in the U.S.A and so the site strictly adheres to the storylines currently aired in India. There are a lot of sections you could browse through and catch up with the storylines you have missed.

  • In India "B&B" airs on STAR WORLD on Weekdays at 13:00 hrs and on Saturday a recap of all the episodes is aired at 12:30. Click on the Star World Logo to get on to the STAR TV Website and put in your requests in the Feedback Section to bring back B&B to Prime Time.

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  • Don't forget that the B&B Fan Club event is coming up this summer.The event, held every other year, will be held at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on Saturday, August 26. For details, check out the CBS web site at www.cbs.com
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Upcoming Spoilers for Indiaá
  • Sly invites Jessica to a beach party.Jessica reluctantly agrees.
  • Sly gets drunk and tries to rape Jessica but she gets away.Jessica decides to teach Sly a lesson.
  • Ridge calls both the Forrester & Logan families for a meeting and they set up a search team to find the missing Brooke.
  • B&B viewers get to see Brooke for the first time after she left Los Angeles.She has lost her memory and in Barbados.
  • Sheila's mercury poisoning has Stephanie experiencing strokes now an dthen but no one knows what's wrong with her.
  • Maggie & Jame's relationship takes a new turn as they fall in love with each other.Jessica and Dylan also go steady on their relationship and Dylan helps Jessica with her plan against Sly.
  • Jessica decides to pretend to be pregnant with Sly's baby to teach him a lesson.
  • A new designer joins Forrester by name of Grant Chambers.
  • Dylan starts stripping for money much to Michael's dislikes.
  • As Clarke has returned to Los Angeles CJ has problems in accepting his father.
  • Saul dies of a heart attack and Sally holds a Memorial service.Everyone pay their last respects.
  • Stephanie is upset Lauren went with Ridge to find Brooke instead of Taylor.Meanwhile Taylor helps Ridge as to how to deal with Brooke when he finds her.
  • Brooke is found by Ridge but runs away as she does not recogonize him.


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