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Welcome to the Oded Fehr Sizzles! Website!
Oded Fehr is a talented actor whose silver screen debut as Ardeth Bay in The Mummy won hearts across the world, mine included. Oded's mesmerizing portrayal of Ardeth Bay and magnetic screen presence upstaged veteran actors Brendan Frasier, John Hannah, and Arnold Vosloo. Is it any wonder women across the world were wondering who was that man in black? To me, Oded Fehr is the original man in black!

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Greetings Oded Fehr Sizzle-ites!  Due to unforeseen technical difficulties I lost the MS Publisher file that I used to create the Oded Fehr Sizzles! Website.  Hence, the site is undergoing some major reconstruction. There are certain pages/ features that I am considering dropping so I am seeking your opinion.  Please vote for the pages/ features you would like me to keep.

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This website is best viewed using Internet Explorer 5.0.  All Oded Fehr animated GIFs were created by me and are not for use on other websites.  The cat email and sign in please text animated GIFs are from Michael Shaikum's website.  All other animated email GIFs and the new animated GIF were found during a search of the internet.  All other animated GIFs are hotspots, linking you directly to the websites from which they came.  The jeweled clipart buttons are from the Bravenet website.  The picture of Oded in the navy blazer is from StarShots.  The picture of Oded in dance class is courtesy of Sheridan.  The picture of Oded from the End of Days premire and the picture of Oded used in the background are courtesy of Ayesha.  The picture of Oded from People magazine is courtesy of Susan.  The Movieline magazine pictures are courtesy of Oded Watcher.  Most of the pictures, including the sepia-toned picture under Oded Casual, and all of the screen captures are courtesy of Arriall and OFAS.  Many thanks to these wonderful ladies!  This website is for fans of Oded Fehr only.  I have created this website to honor a wonderful, talented, and sexy actor: Oded Fehr.  NO copyright infringement is intended.
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