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Today (9/20/03) got some shows in by the Haunted,Opeth,Shadows Fall, Slayer,and the White Stripes.

Today (9/4/03) I got in a few shows including Nothingface,Killswitch engage,PanterA and Chimaira. also i have on the way Shadows Fall,Slayer and The Haunted. Untill then happy trading and SPIRAL OUT.....

Today (8/16/03) i am gonna try to get back into trading a bit more, put up some wants in the "my wants" section, and been searching for some shows. email me if you got any.

Today (7/21/03) I got an  Iron Maiden 5/26/83 show from Hammersmith Odeon London England.

Today (7/2/03) yup havnt done to much on the site latly, have no trades goin at all mainly cause i do not trade much anymore but if you email me with somthing i may be interested in then maby we can work somthing out. Untill then Happy trading and SPIRAL OUT........

Today (5/10/03) got shows from nothingface,fear factory,manson,NiN,Tool,godsmack,glassjaw,and slayer
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settle by congress with the Home Recording Act
(P.C. 102,563,106 Start.4237, codfield at 17 U.S.C. 1001 1010) in October 1992.
No Action may be brought under this title alleging infringement of copyright
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I can provide a service from one collector to another. The service rendered includes: the cost
of my time, materials, videotape and the use and maintenence of my equipment.
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