Touya!Touya Kinomoto

Name: Kinomoto Touya
Age: 17
Birthday: February 29th
Blood Type: O
Family Members: A mother (died when he was still small), father, a little sister, Sakura
Best Friends: Yukito
Grade: 11
Club: Soccer Club
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Flower: Peach
Favorite Food: Steak
Hobbies: Teasing Sakura

Touya is Sakura's brother. Although he always tease Sakura, he takes very good care of her. Everyday, he goes to school with Yukito, so that's why Sakura always goes to school with him. He knows that, that's the reason why he invites Yukito a lot to the house.
He loves Sakura a lot, he was the one who made her be afraid of ghosts and spirits. He met Syaoran and they dislike each other from the begining that's why he never calls him by his name, he just says "that kid" or "the brat" (like Kero does), the truth is that Touya is jealous of Syaoran-kun.
Touya is full of talents (and he is sooooooo cute at the same time *drool*) he has a lot of part time jobs and he is a great cook, just like his father Fujitaka. Every girl in school has a crush on him (as you can see in "Sakura, Touya, and Cinderella", but is a mistery who is the owner of his heart, all I can tell you is that it former owner was *spoiler* Kaho! (ex-girlfriend)
He can sense things that belong to 'the other world' such as ghosts and spirits. He is the only one who can see his mother's spirit.

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