"From schoolboy's tongue, no rhetoric we expect,
Nor yet a sweet consort from broken strings,
Nor perfect beauty, where's a main defect:
My foolish, broken, blemished Muse so sings;
And this to mend, alas, no art is able,
Cause Nature made it so irreparable."

Theresa's NEW AND SIMPLIFIED Page of Ultimate Solipsism

LOOK! LOOKIT WHUT I MADE!!! Ahhh.... Little victories.People I Admire (or Lust After... whatever.)
Ode de Basil of Baker Street, my first website
Black and White Bauble
The Very Site of Me
Buster Keaton, one fan's slightly oddball (crazed) ode to THE silent comedian
Can You Picture That?
Colors, my sole reason for learning html
Alan Cumming Mini-Shrine
Jack Pumpkinhead
the Animaniacs' Mime
"The Matrix" vs. "Dark City"
Poetry that ain't mine
The Grim Reaper
All the Chords on a Ukulele

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